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Industry Insider Spotlight: TIFFANY "New York" POLLARD

After taking a well deserved break to wind down from six record breaking Reality television shows on VH1, Queen Of Reality TV and original "HBIC" Tiffany "New York" Pollard Springs back onto the Hollywood scene looking to assemble a new team! We are pleased and excited to work with Tiffany at L.A. Super Promoters, and she actually wants us to help reach out to YOU! We sat down with Tiffany for an update on her latest endeavors and future plans: Tiffany! What have you been up to these days? Well a major recent event was traveling to India with Joyce Meyer Ministries, to deliver love and hope to the less fortunate souls of Hydrabad and Calcutta. It was quite an enlightening experience to say the least! Our group traveled to the "Well of Life" as well as the burial site of Mother Theresa and various hospitals and hospices. Wow! That's serious! Who would have thought? (Laughs) A lot of people don't realize that I was raised in the