Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thank You for the Real Talk Tevis

Tevis Marie Anderson August 25, 1969 - January 8, 2012

Memories of my Friend
Tevis Anderson was a superstar in every sense of the word. She could make the saddest person smile and she can make tears of pain turn into tears of laughter. It is still surreal that she is not physically here anymore. Although Tevis was a "cool kid" and I was a "nerdy kid" (LOL....I know she is laughing), she always made me feel like I was apart of the bigger picture..... ALWAYS!!!  Even though we did not see each other as often as we should these last couple of years, when we did she always called me family and treated me as such.  I remember what she said to me at the Stud Xcellence picnic back this past summer, as always she teased me about being a celebrity (SMH) but she said " I see what you are doing and I am proud of you." I will always hold those words dear to my heart.  Our last conversation was via facebook the day before she passed,  in which she posted a pic of her beautiful daughter, Kennedi and I just was blown away on how much she has grown. I remember when Kennedi was a baby always holding on to her "papi."

There is so much to say about Tevis. Some of her signature sayings were "Real Talk" where she told it like it was, is and always will be and "Always remember to smile" and that she did all the time. The last time I saw Tevis was at the ball and for those of us that were there, she was SHINING on the red carpet. I looked at her and said, "you better not even call me a celebrity, the television cameras are around the corner". Her speech was OMG phenomenal plus 10.  So to you Tevis; Thank you is not enough. I love you, Keitha, the boys and the family!!! You taught me to speak my mind and it is okay to be. I don't have to fit in to stand out.  As you would say, it is always about " For the Betterment of The Family" and trust me I got you on that :)

along with her posting on Facebook 

So I was tasked with giving the opening speech for The Ball given by Sleek Events on New Years Eve. Super nervous is an understatement, I do not like public speaking, i can talk write, all day long but to actually deliver it in a room full of people, especially when you have published authors in the room is beyond nerve wrecking. Thank you Tiffney Anderson and Sandra Johnson for having the confidence in me to tackle (to me) such a huge task. Thanks To Phyre Blaze Lane for all the pep talks throughout the evening. Thanks to Q Andria Streeter for my carriage ride to the event and to Pam Lafleur for my carriage ride back to be with my wife before the clock struck midnight, so here it is my speech, be easy, (in my erykah badu voice) im sensitive about my shit lol 

Good Evening everyone and welcome to The Ball,

This year, as in the past there has been many a celebrity in the NEWS, I have narrowed them down to a note worthy FEW. Women in pop culture dominated the LIST, starting with the Kardashian 72 day MARRAIGE. Lindsey Lohan, problem CHILD, she is the epitome of girls gone WILD. The music stopped for hip hop legends Nate Dogg and Heavy D. and for soulful songstress AMY. Although Mrs. Winehouse’s songs UPLIFT, her life brought light to the struggles of an ADDICT. We lost Human Rights Activist Rev. Fred Shuttles WORTH and R&B singer and songwriter Mr. Nick ASHFORD. We lost athletes like Joe Frazier and Bubba SMITH and some closer to our hearts, model and actress Mia Amber DAVIS. Let’s not forget the ones that became news worthy once GONE, like the fatal hazing of Florida A&M’s Robert CHAMPION. A devastating earthquake and tsunami hit JAPAN , Powerful twisters across the South, and a huge tornado ravaged JOPLIN . The laughter stopped for comedian Patrice ONEIL and the iron fist was lowered on Moammar Gadhafi and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong IL, a blow to terrorism with the capture of OSAMA, a major victory for President Barack OBAMA. After a long battle with cancer Apples chairman was GONE Rest in peace Steve, Job well DONE. Legions of viewers were in a state of sad DISBELIEF, after 25 years, we witnessed the final episode of Oprah WINFREY. 

This year the e-book reader took OVER as was evident with the closing of the bookstore BORDERS. What does the future hold for the brick and MORTAR? This wasn't just the story of another big business FAILING. Did people stop reading? Or is technology PREVAILING? If you are one who still loves to READ, support one of our own and pick up “INVISIBLE FAMILIES”. Where Facebook is the communicator of CHOICE, it has become for some, their only VOICE, put down the laptops, the tablets and SUCH, connect with a phone call, in person, a TOUCH.

This is a year when the world “Occupied” EVERYTHING. And the Clippers FINALLY became L.A’s team. Court rooms were FULL, Politicians full of BULL. Conrad Murray, GUILTY, MJ fans REJOICE, Senator Herman Cain, FILTHY, here comes DIVORCE.
My friends, now is NOT the time for DILLUSIONS, you know damn well you won’t keep that new years RESOLUTION. That diet is going straight to HELL as soon as you pass the next taco BELL, so next year why not try something BELIEVABLE, let’s make a real difference, something ACHIEVABLE. Decide to commit a random act of kindness every DAY, step out on faith and make sure you PRAY. You’re not only changing your own life but that of others TOO, why not develop confidence, let’s uplift YOU. Learn the secret of self BELIEF, love YOU first, let’s dig down DEEP. 

Whatever it happens to BE, by accepting the challenge you will be changing, just wait and SEE. So risk it, a risk is worth TAKING and those are resolutions worth MAKING.

On a more personal NOTE, please continue to pray for some VERY special FOLK. Prayers are in abundance for Ms April BROWN. His healing hands continue to lay DOWN. Brenda Baker, the warriors continue to PRAY a healing is coming, he will make a WAY. “Lord, life's struggles are overwhelming at this TIME, but nothing will change our MINDS that u will make everything just FINE. On our knees, praying for strength as we SPEAK, acknowledging your will and protecting the WEAK. Questions raised, but never any DOUBT that a solution is near and very well thought OUT. God we leave everything in your hands. We are now and will remain completely DEVOTED. Thanks D. Brown, I had to QUOTE IT. 

Some of us witnessed 2 beautiful weddings this YEAR. Congratulations Frankie and Tasha Whitehead and Cynthia and Debra MADERE.

It’s a time for an ending and a BEGINNING, a time for memories and PLANNING. 2011 has shown us, there are no GUARANTEES, every day you live life, live it with INTEGRITY. 

We have all witnessed loss, suffering and struggle this year, but the one thing we all have in common this evening, is we made it through, we are all here for one common purpose, to celebrate life, to celebrate us, to celebrate all of the magnificence of this year and all of the wonderful surprises 2012 has in store for us. So let’s end this year on a high note. High on life, high on love and happiness, Let’s be humble and be forever grateful for the opportunity to share this wonderful evening with the ones we love, Never forgetting the ones we lost, and building a better community for the ones yet to come.
Have a wonderful evening my friends and as always don’t forget to smile.

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Exclusive: Lee Wilson "2012"

It is official.... Lee Wilson has released his HOOOOTTTTT new single "2012" and trust me it is FIYAH!!!!

Lee has already been featured on MTV (Real World), BET 106 & Park, Vibe Magazine and more. With a full schedule of performances across the country, he is destined to rise to undeniable stardom.  It is hard to believe that he is just getting started. Listen up because the Lee Wilson Movement is  in full effect!

Click Here to listen to 2012!!!

Be Apart of the MOVEMENT!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Cicely Tyson and Common to Deliver Dazzling Performances at BET HONORS 2012‏

Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Cicely Tyson and Common to Deliver Dazzling Performances at BET HONORS 2012



Maya Angelou, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Spike Lee, The Tuskegee Airmen and Beverly Kearney are the Honorees at BET HONORS Premiering on Monday, February 13, at 9:00 PM*

NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The fifth annual BET HONORS gears up for a highly anticipated show, celebrating the outstanding achievements of extraordinary legends in music, literature, entertainment, media, service and education. Acclaimed actress Gabrielle Union hosts the show for a fourth year, honoring renowned poet/author Maya Angelou (Literary Arts), internationally acclaimed musician Stevie Wonder(Musical Arts), Grammy-Award winning songstress Mariah Carey (Entertainer), influential filmmaker Spike Lee (Media), the heroic Tuskegee Airmen (Service) and inspirational coach and mentor Beverly Kearney(Education). The BET HONORS premieres during Black History Month, on Monday, February 13 at 9:00 p.m.* 

The BET HONORS, star-studded lineup includes performances by Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Cicely Tyson andCommon, with appearances by Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard and Willow Smith. The show tapes at the historic Warner Theatre on Saturday, January 14 in Washington, D.C.
Stephen Hill, President of Music Programming and Specials, BET Networks, and Lynne Harris Taylor, Vice President of Specials, BET Networks, are executive producers, along with Cossette Productions.
Lexus is this year's returning sponsor for the BET HONORS red carpet and VIP reception.
Proceeds from this year's BET HONORS private ticket sales will be given to Metro TeenAIDS. Metro TeenAIDS, a longtime partner of BET, is a community health organization dedicated to supporting young people in the fight against HIV/AIDS, through education, support, and advocacy. 
For more information on the BET HONORS, visit Viewers can also find series updates on Facebook by liking the fan pages at Also, join the conversation about the special on Twitter by using hashtags: #BETHonors; follow the show for all updates & special surprises @BETHonors. For more information about this special visit
*All times EST