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The Hair Doctor

She never compromises quality. Gina Everett embraces the title 'The Hair Doctor." In conducting this interview, I crowned her with the same name as many of her clients and friends due to how in depth and passionate she is about hair. Not only is she passionate about hair, as you soon will know that Gina is also focused on health and fitness. She attributes being healthy to being able to service her top, including celebrity, clients. She has been serving some of her clients for over 17 years. From the video shoots with Kanye West and Nicki Minaj, just to name a few, to the motion picture and TV sets. She takes pride in her work. As her bio states, "Gina’s style doesn’t flow with the latest trends. She’s committed to staying outside the box. Her expertise is precision cuts and dimensional colors." The Hair Doctor shares about her success, how she maintains, gives some tips , and what is in store for the future in this interview. Be prepared to get schooled!!


Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Pasadena. My parents are from Panama.

How did you become a stylist? How did it all start for you?

Basically, I started doing my mom’s, sisters and cousins hair. I would braid their hair and doing some of the early 80’s styles. Then I eventually started doing braiding hair extensions for another stylist. I saw how much fun it was and how much money she was making. The whole industry was real exciting to me. I decided to go to school, got my license and started doing it full time.

How did your journey into film and working with celebrities begin?

It all started with just getting out there. Just talking and putting myself in those positions to meet the celebrities. I also studied my craft and made sure I was up on the latest styles. Just staying connected.

What was it like being on the set and working with a celebrity for the very first time?

I was really observant. I was really excited about how everything worked behind the scenes. It was also exciting for to know that one day that everyone will see all of this. We were creating something for everyone to see.

Who was your first celebrity client?

The very first one…hmmmm… I probably would not call him a celebrity but I guess he became later. It was Rodney King. He was my first one. He is from my area. After he had the incident that happened to him, I used to braid his hair. I guess you could say he was the first.

How long have you been a hair stylist?
I have been a stylist for over 17 years.

How hectic is your schedule right now?

Right now it is pretty hectic. Having to rearrange my schedule is really challenging for me. I have clients that I have been doing their hair for the last 17 years and sometimes I can’t accommodate them because I am doing other things. Yes, I am getting really, really busy.

Being that you have a really busy schedule do you ever have time for yourself? Do you have children?

I don’t have any small children. I do have a son and a daughter, they are both adults. I do find the time for myself. I think it is really important for me to take care of myself. If not, I would not be able to stand all day. I would not be able to be energetic or move around as much. I am also a health fanatic. I try to work out every morning but lately it has been turning out to about 3 or 4 days a week. I believe if you don’t do it first thing in the morning then it won’t get done. So I do between 45 minutes to an hour. I also meditate in the morning, so that’s where I find the time for myself.

What is your eating regiment like?

Being in the kind of industry I am in, it kind of goes along with fashion. I think for an overall healthy look with hair, skin, and everything does start with your diet and how you take care of yourself. I only eat fish, chicken and vegetables. I stay away from those other things because it kind of compromises my system. I feel better. I am able to move around better without all of those weighted elements in my body. I drink a lot of water, specifically alkaline water. It PH balances your system. A lot of people actually have the alkaline water systems in their homes. However, you can buy it at any health food store like Henry’s or Whole Foods. If you look it up online, it explains that diseases such as diabetes and cancer lack PH balance so this water helps balance that. When you drink this it is for your health. I think everyone should know about it.

Tell us about some trending hair style, specifically for African American women?

I think African American women are going shorter. Well they are either going shorter or extra long. No one is really in those in between stages. I think I am an expert at everything, which I know is an oxymoron but because I have been doing it so long I think I can say that. I have perfected the short hair cuts, extensions and the color. I think it is going in the short hair cuts and the color. I am kind of talking everyone in to cutting their hair off. (giggles) It helps you stay in style. You can throw anything on and still look stylish because you have this funky little hair cut. I think more of the “run your fingers through the hair” type of styles and not so much of the curls where it is like “Oh my God, don’t touch my hair” type of style. It is more youthful and easier to take care of. Most of the softer, sexier hair styles are what’s coming in.

What about the natural styles?

Yes, a lot of women are finding that the sister locks works best for them. Actually I have seen a few women who have just let their hair go and just getting a shape up. I feel that you should go with whatever fits your personality. You should do your own individual thing.

As a stylist, how do you define that right style to fit your clients’ personality?

First I will say that everyone is different and everyone’s hair is different. Everyone can’t do the same thing. I start there. I examine what type of texture they have, and then we discuss what type of length they want to have. Maybe they want to grow their hair out or maybe they want to keep it short. Then I take a look at their lifestyle and see what they can handle at that point. Some people are really active; some people sweat so it all depends. It has to be workable especially for African American women.

Do you teach as well?

It is funny that you asked me that because that is my ultimate goal to have my own hair academy. It is something that I am constantly searching and researching. I am currently gathering all my information, contacts and the people who are going to work with me. I am always talking to new hairstylist and asking them what their goals are in hopes of becoming a part of my team. It is my dream to have the hair academy. It will not be just for African American Women but I want to incorporate all nationalities and all hair types. I believe as an African American woman, I can do other nationalities hair very easily. I think it is a great thing to cross over.

Do you have any hobbies? If so what is it?

Besides working out and staying healthy what I really like comedy. I like to laugh. I like music therefore; I like to go to a lot of concerts. I also like to travel.

Tell me about your best celebrity client? Why s he/she your best?

I would have to say Nicki Minaj. I really respect what she is doing. She has created herself out of nothing. I look up to people such as her. That is pretty much where I feel I am headed.

Do you have any words of inspiration for the young women who are up and coming stylist?

I would like to say that if hair is your passion and then put your focus on whatever your craft is whether it is hair cutting, hair styling or hair coloring. Focus in on something. I know cosmetology offers a wide range of services and you should take advantage of all of them. But when you have a specialty then people start to look at you for your special talent and if you can perfect that I think you can go a long way.

Affirmation that you live by everyday
I never compromise on quality. Whenever I do anything in any area of my life I have to do it as such that I feel comfortable to putting my name on it.

How did you get the name , “The Hair Doctor”?

Well it has happened a couple of times with a couple of friends that they call me the Hair Doctor. When someone asks me a question, I go technically into it. I thought it was kind of cute so it has been sticking with me. It has been following me around and I like it.

There is more in store from the Hair Doctor. She will have a grand re-launching Red Carpet event at her fabulous new location at the 360 Atelier Salon on Melrose in the heart of WEHO next month. Lights, Cameras, Action and stars will be in the building to celebrate! Stay tuned for coverage and pics!!


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Ghetto Physics Red Carpet After Party Pics


No matter what color, creed, religion, sex, race or anything else, everyone stood firm and strong with a fist up on the Red Carpet in celebration for the Los Angeles Debut of the dynamically powerful film "Ghetto Physics : Will the Real Pimps and Hoes Stand Up". From celebrities to the producers and even the directors themselves graced the red carpet posing for the media. It all took place on Friday October 23, 2010 at the Custom Hotel (Hopscotch Lounge) in Playa Vista, CA.


The movie has been creating a major buzz all over the media circuit and internet. Directors William Arntz and E. Ray Brown have interviewed on various TV Stations including CNN, Several Radio Stations and internet blogs and sites. They will continue to not only promote the movie but build a movement and bringing awareness to what is going on in our society... "The Real Pimpin and Hoing" .

Who was in the house on Friday, you may ask... Actress Sabrina Revelle, who also stars in the movie, also featured in the movie were the real life street pimps Lee Mack, New York Slim and many others, Actor Micaal Stevens, who was the narrator of the movie, Actress Charyse Monet, The Kierrah Foundation Founder, Brandy Sanders, P.R. Diva, Makeda Smith, Executive Producer Cedra Stokes, Producer Reginald Simmons, B.E.T. Exec Zabrina Horton, Directors and Writers William Arntz and E.Ray Brown and so much more.

E.Ray and William already wowed the world with their first film "What The Bleep" and with "Ghetto Physics" they definitely delivered an eye opener!

Check out some of the pics from the Red Carpet Los Angeles Premiere!

Special Thanks to the Ghetto Physics Team: Chuke, Scotty and Danielle as well as the fabulous photogs Celebrity Photographer Donald Carraway and Nick Adams.

Ghetto Physics is currently running in the Rave Theaters (formerly the Bridge) Los Angeles until November 5, 2010. You you have not seen it. You are definitely missing out.

Look at the trailer below:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Ghetto Physics" Los Angeles Star-Studded Red Carpet Premiere‏

*Please note the changes to time and venue for Red Carpet*

For Immediate Release:
Betrice Coleman-Sweet
Serving Angels Media
(562) 556-9161


Critically-Acclaimed film "Ghetto Physics" makes its Red Carpet Debut in Los Angeles on Friday, October 22nd

(Los Angeles, CA) - The riveting Film "Ghetto Physics: Will the Real Pimps and Hoes Stand Up" will dominate Los Angeles with it's premiere on Friday, October 22, 2010 at The Rave Theaters formerly The Bridge located at 6801 Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045 from 6:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M. The Screening is set for 7:40P.M Followed by a Q& A Session with the directors. The Screening will be followed by a Star-Studded, Red Carpet after-party celebration at The Custom Hotel (HopScotch Lounge) at 10 P.M. From the Directors of the the earth shattering Film, "What The Bleep", William Arntz and E Ray Brown delivers a eye-opening perspective on power dynamics from the streets to corporate realm.

From the street to the boardroom, from the Hood to the Oval Office, its the same dynamic repeated in countless variations. The only difference is that while the street Pimps wear colorful clothes, and the streets Ho’s wear little at all, their corporate/government counterparts hide behind marketing slogans and slick double talk to effect the exact same thing...

With interviews from Hip Hop Legends KRS-One, Ice-T, Too Short along some of today's movers and shakers such as Dr. Cornel West, Cynthia Mckinney, as well as some leading film pioneers Norman Lear and William Arntz (co-Director).

The basic tenet of GhettoPhysics is that the interplay between the Pimp and the Ho is the simplest expression of the fundamental way that people interact in the world. But this interaction is so multilayered that it’s hard to see “the game”. However by looking at the world through the Pimp/Ho dynamic it becomes very easy to see the manipulations that keeps society’s Ho’s forever in debt, disempowered and marching off to war.

Part documentary, part “Saturday Night Live” satire, and part narrative story, GhettoPhysics begins by looking at the evocative world of the Pimp and Ho. It then moves out to encompass the entire social power game that is going down all around us, and finally brings it home in the way this awareness impacts one student’s life.

But between interviews, dramatic scenes and scathing satire, an interesting thread emerges - empowerment and hope. Pimps and Ho’s is not about right and wrong, good guys vs. bad guys. Its about awareness of “the game” and letting people know it’s up to them to choose the role they play in every situation. Like the film Network released decades ago, GhettoPhysics: Will the Real Pimps and Ho’s Please Stand Up! refuses to let those in control rule our lives anymore. Network said: “We’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore”. Our motto is simple and blunt: “Speak Truth to Power”.

This very informative film is not just a movie, more, a movement to increase the collective level of consciousness on this planet. I’m certain you will be entertained as well as experience a few paradigm shifts along the way…

Special Invited Celebrity Guests, Red Carpet, and so much more!

Media Check in: 9:30 P.M.
Red Carpet Starts: 10:00 P.M.
Doors Open at 10:30 P.M.

After Party is immediately after the film Showing

After Party Info:
Custom Hotel (Hopscotch Lounge)
After Party Celebration:
8639 Lincoln Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

(Free Admittance for General Public with Ticket Stub)

Red Carpet arrivals
Filmmakers E Raymond Brown & William Arntz
Private Cabanas and fire pit outdoors under the stars

For more info. please also visit and read the numerous reviews from media across the country.

For Media Credentials and Red Carpet Submissions, Please contact, Betrice Coleman-Sweet, Serving Angels Media, at


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Dvyne's Purpose

She is back and she is bringing R&B back with her ! Dvyne is here to stay and is not letting anything or anyone get in her way. Just arriving to Los Angeles from the Bay Area of Oakland, CA, She is already in full motion with appearances, acting and her music. Her highly anticipated release of her album "Feel Me' is already stirring some buzz as well as her first single entitled "Pimp Me!" Much of her appreciation for her new and refreshed start is attributed to her fabulous Publicist, Eugenia Wright. Dyvne talks about who she is, why she stopped, why this chocolate fashionista is now "unstoppable" She is simply who she is.... DVYNE!!!


Are you originally from Oakland?

Yes I was born and raised in Oakland, California.

When did you move to Los Angeles?

I just moved to Los Angeles on the first of September this year. Just recently. I have been doing so much because of my publicist, Eugenia Wright.

How has it been so far?

It’s been great. There has been a lot of things going on since I got back. I got Eugenia back, getting interviews, events, press releases and stuff like that.

How did you get started in the music business?

My mother is a jazz singer and I use to listen to her sing. I grew up in the church as well so that had an influence. I was the type of child to perform when company came over. I started off writing songs. When I got the opportunity to go into the studio and sing for the first time, I fell in love. I like the beats, songwriting and just the harmony of music.

Do you play any instruments?

I play a little piano. I never finished my lessons. I am still trying to catch up.

Have you released any albums?

I have not released any. This is going to be my first album that I am going to release which I am picking back up on. I only recorded 8 songs. My first single that I am going to release is entitled “Pimp Me.” It is a hip hop flavor song. My second single that will be out after “Pimp Me” is called “Feel Me” and it is more sexual and it is R&B. You know there are not a lot of R&B songs that is out right now.

What are your feelings about where has all the R&B music has gone to?

R & B was really hot in the 90’s and the early 2000’s. However in the early –mid 2000’s, Hip Hop took over. It is also because of the clubs. When people go to the clubs now they want to hear the music that gets you going, gets you jumping and get you dancing so dance music has taken over which has put R&B in the back seat. A lot of the R&B was for couples. The younger generation is not into R& B but they are into Hip hop. I think R&B should be brought back because it is mellow. It will give the young people another experience. Instead of all that “booty-poppin” music all the time.

What is the title of the album?

The album is entitled “Feel Me” I wrote all the songs on the album. Every song is about an experience that I have been through. Like the song “Pimp Me.” Everyone has been in a relationship not just an intimate one but also with friends and they tried to pimp you which also means take advantage of you. Pimp Me will be the new anthem, “Don’t try to pimp me because I already know the game.”

Is Pimp Me your favorite song off of the album ? If not then which one?

The song that sticks to me is “Feel Me” because of how it starts off. The music is like an Arabian R& B Thing. It is sexual. It is really one of those R&B songs that you can feel while you are driving, working out or just simply having a glass of wine. It is a great R &B songs for couples.

So you mentioned that you are stepping BACK into the scene, what was the reason on leaving in the beginning?

I want to keep it real at all times and I want the people and fans to know that I am a realist . I do not mind talking about my experience because it might help someone else. I was in a bad marriage when I initially came to the music scene. He was also my manager. We went through a very messy divorce. I had to take a step back from the music scene. I had to get my thoughts back together and get all the negativity out of my life. So I came back fresh, renewed and a lot smarter. I have more business sense and I know how to project myself in a better manner. I know how to separate business from my relationship.

What or who was your motivation and inspiration to get back in the business and just do it?

I stayed in contact with my publicist, Eugenia Wright. I would touch basis with her once every 2 or 3 months. She was my motivation because every time I spoke with her she would say, “Dvyne when you come back, I will be ready for you.” It meant a lot that someone still believes that I can come back. I went into a deep state of depression, I gained weight and I did not want to be bothered with anybody. Talking to Eugenia really motivated me to get back. I am in a new relationship. He is a physical trainer. He got me back in shape. This time I am back and I am better than I was before. I am ready to take on Hollywood.

What were some of the challenges and issues that you faced being in the industry specifically as an African American woman? How did you overcome them?

In the beginning for me, it was difficult being a beautiful black woman , not just being a black woman, A beautiful Black woman and being viewed as a sex symbol. People in the industry just want. you to have sex with them or do things just so that you can get a part in a movie or to get them to do a favor. Those were big challenges for me in the beginning. Now I come in full force stating this is how it goes, this it how I am and this is how it’s going to be. I let them know ahead of time so there are no problems in the industry.

What is the release date for “Feel Me”?

I am looking to release the album sometime in January. I am not only launching my music career, I am also launching my acting and modeling career. Whichever one kicks off first, I am diving head in. I just don’t want to limit myself to one thing.

Have you done any acting yet?

I just signed to Central Casting and I just left Paramount Studios meeting with some producers. I do have some projects in the making. I was a television Talk Show host in my hometown in Oakland. I also did a show on BET called “Night Cap” I was doing that before stepping into the music scene.

How do you find balance and do you get personal time?

What I learned this time around which I did not know last time is that I have to take a moment to shut down and meditate. I am very spiritual. I have to take time to see God first in everything. He gives me the strength to multi-task. My spiritual intuition will tell whether or not to jump into a situation.

Are there any affirmations that you live by daily?

I have to pray every morning and every night. I pray at night so that I can get a good night’s rest. I pray every morning so that I can start my day off right and meet the right people.

If you had a message for young women trying to get into the industry, what would that message be?
Stay strong, hold on and you have to believe in yourself. Sometimes your parents may not understand what you are trying to do, or you may have some people who may try to talk you out of it. If this is what you want to do you have to continue to pursue it and people will take you seriously.

What do you like to do besides your music, acting and modeling?

My brother is 33 and he is autistic. He did not talk until he was 10 years old. I wrote a book about my brother and us growing up. I taught him how to read. The book is a true story about his journey from being a young boy to a grown man. This book is really going to inspire. Autism awareness is really hot right now. There are some celebrities that have young children that are autistic such as Jenny Macarthy, Holly Robinson-Peete and Toni Braxton. I just wanted to give insight on them becoming teenagers and entering into adulthood. I have written 22 chapters so far. I definitely want to get this out later on.


2010 Ethnic World Pageant Pics

The 2010 Ethnic World Queens have been crowned. Congratulations to the new queens!!

Your 2011 Ethnic World Queens are;
Teen Ethnic World Int’l 2011 “Andie Mayorca”,
Miss Ethnic World Int’l 2011 “Daniela Espinoza”,
Ms Ethnic World Int’l “Michele Villanova”,
Mrs. Ethnic World Int’l “Lovern Augustine” and
Ms Elegance Ethnic World Int’l 2011 “ Nashika Johnson”.

Amazing performances by Trueful
Special Celebrity Guests to grace the red carpet include Charyse Monet, Exie Booker, Trueful, Victor Morrison, Xango Henry, Eugenia Wright and Brandy Sanders.

Brandy Sanders, Founder of the Kierrah Foundation, was the guest speaker for this illustrious event.

Director, Aiisha Ferguson, fought back the tears as she told the audience the story of the journey she had over the past year with the former queens!

There was media all around on the red carpet including celebrity photographers, Vinnie Ratcliff and Donald Carraway of Velvet Ropes Entertainment. Pageant TV was in the house conducting interviews with all the delegates and celebrities.

Wonderful vendors included Afrikan Visions (, Zana Cosmetics (, sashay Jerilyn (

Sponsors include MDC Concierge, Serving angels Media, 5 Star Flow, Zana Cosmetics, BQM Management, Minority Aids Project, Inspirational Praise Dance and many more.

Check out the pictures from the 2010 Ethnic World Pageant below:

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Inside the Man of Steel: Interview with Xango Henry pt.2

In part 2 of this riveting interview with Actor/Personal Trainer/ Motivational Coach Xango Henry, he opens up about some of his "hidden" talents as well as give us some juicy details about some of his current projects including his new film the defiant one. He attributes his success to staying focused and so much more. He has a big heart especially for the young people. He may be the Man of Steel on the Outside however he is a giving man on the inside.


So let’s Talk about your new film “Chained”

We finished filming a couple of months ago. It is in the final editing stages. But excellent work with a strong cast. Some up and coming actors like myself. One of the producers is Kevin Seizmore the brother of Tom Seizmore. Chained is a rendition of the Movie "The Defiant One" with Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis. I was the only African American on the set. Without giving too much of the movie, it is about a black man and a white man chained together , they had to put aside the racism and the hatred for one another to be free. It’s a great movie. I consider it some of my finest work.

Are there any other projects that you are working on right now?

I will be leaving to work on a Mini Coop Commercial. There is also a national commercial that I am in right now for Dodge Mini Van. I am also working on a web series that is currently being filmed called the Journey. My character is Porn, which is in post production right now the director is Danielle Ross. There is “Average American Guy” which is a good one. It is about the movement of keeping movie making in L.A. and not going to other states. But the taxes here are sky high so people are taking the production of movies to other states where they can get all kind of tax breaks but the workers here loose out on jobs. I will soon be filming “The Price of Success” which will be opening up in Hong Kong first. The new international movie that is set to have a private screening with a Q&A session is “Nude Nuns with Big Guns” co-starring with Lindsay Lohan. It is similar to “Machete.” Nude Nuns with Big Guns was the talk of the Cannes Film Festival. It was picked up by 26 countries. I also recently finished filming a short film with Snoop Dogg , Award winning actor Jamie Foxx and Comedian Michael Coylar entitled “Malice in Wonderland”. (chuckles) I know I am leaving some out.
I did 11 feature films last year and 10 feature films this year.

How do you find balance with all your projects and businesses? Do you ever have time for Xango?

It is a matter of scheduling. I have to take personal time for me. I don’t make it, I have to take it. I am always working on scripts. I am writing a web series as well called “King Dracula.” It is dealing with a doctor whose name is Dr. Drac . He is a chemist and he uses a potion that he mixes up from the blood that he gets from the people that he bites. He uses that as a drug to take over the world and he coverts everybody into a vampire. So yes it is a juggling act. I have to get all of my dues that I have to pay out of the way. I want to create a clear passage to get bigger projects. Bigger Projects means more exposure, more exposure means more money. More money means security and the more secure I can be which means I can provide security for my children and to help others who need just a little boost. I will also be able to fund my children’s program. It is anti-gang, drug and violence program. That is “Xango”s Karate Kids and Parents Against Drugs.” We will use karate to keep children discipline against drugs, gangs and violence.

Are there any charities or non-profits that you are working with?

Whenever there is a charity event, specifically Cancer awareness event, I am there. I am currently working hands-on with 5 organizations. One is with Maria Shriver, she does a lot of cancer charities. David Harrison Levi, who lost his sister to cancer, he does a lot of cancer benefits and fundraisers. Whatever they have going on, I am there to support. I am there for those who suffer from cancer or who may have lost a love one from cancer. I am here to do whatever I can to help to give back that support.

So tell us something about Xango that we would not know just by ALL the wonderful things you are doing?

I can’t tell you all of it. I got some little things that I like. I like to go to the movies by myself. I have the choice of taking someone with me but it is usually my personal time. I even go to dinner by myself sometimes just to reflect and look around. I would not mind going to the beach but I just don’t take the time. I play a saxophone. I would like to take more time in learning how to read music. I can play by ear. I love playing “Greatest Love of All.” I also want to get my pop-lockin down. Some dudes come up to me like” Man, you are in your 40’s, what you know about pop-lockin. I reply, Man, you better get with it!!

Do hear I battles coming to the stage featuring Xango real soon?

Yeah, I will get out there and take my shirt off. After it is all said and done I will get out there and start rapping. (starts Freestylin) Trust me I am there !! People probably would not know that but I love it.

Is there any advice that you can give to young, up and coming African American males? Or even a message for young people period?

The key to success is focus. To be able to focus, you have to have a clear head. Having a clear head means you need to avoid being intoxicated. You are intoxicated when something takes you from your natural state. Toxins that you have taken in cause you to be intoxicated. Food can even be a toxin. I know some food is natural but once you eat certain foods your body has become toxic because now your body has to come out of its natural breathing state to process the food. Your body has to use more oxygen to break down these foods. It is way people fast. You may hear them say at the end that they have a clean body and a clear head. Nothing is there to block the transmission that you may receive from the universe. Focus comes fro clarity. If your desires are not interfered with then your willingness to achieve is elevated. You will have a will of iron. When your will is that strong then there is nothing that can stop you. You can absolutely call what you want into existence. Exercise those principles I shared with you. It takes a lot of patience. So you have to wait, you have to endure, you have to persevere and you have to keep pressing forward. If you focus, everything else will fall into place. Keep your eye on the prize.

Any Last words?

It is important to know where you are as an actor. It is good to understand the business aspect of Hollywood and having an open mind to all the diversity out here in California. It is very important to eat healthy. Avoid fried foods as much as possible. Eat more water based food. All of this deals with holistic living. In order for your thoughts to be of a holistic nature, you have to live as close to a holistic lifestyle as possible. Eating fast food all the time is not holistic. Whatever you want to do in life starts with yourself and you have to be happy with yourself. I am going to be doing some motivational workshops for actors, I don’t have an exact date when but it will be soon. It will allow actors to jump start their career the way that I have in such a way that they are doing over 22 films in less than a year and a half. Those that are striving to be actors should never think that if you cant do a major role then you are not acting or they will not do anything for free. If you have time, it is nothing wrong with it because it is going to help your career. If you are not acting then why not go act. It is good training. If you ae sitting around then you are not creating the energy. Energy creates energy. Sometimes you may do something for free and that person who hires you may refer you to someone that will pay you. You never stop with the flow. Thy will be done..Don’t stop!!!!


Warm Diva Hug!!! Exclusive Backstage Pic


Credit: Vinni Ratcliff/ISA PR

Chaka Khan and Sheryl Lee Ralph give each other a warm diva hug backstage at the 20th Anniversary of Divas Simply Singing concert held at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. Divas Simply Singing is an organization founded by Ms. Ralph that financially assists AIDS victims. On this night Sheryl Lee Ralph pulled out all the stops inviting her influential friends such as Manigaullt-Stallworth, Michael Clarke Duncan, Norwood Young, Kim Coles, Xango Henry, Angela Dean, Judge Mablean, Wendell James, Tanya Hart, Tionne Williams, Naturi Naughton and many others graced the red carpet.

Caption Coverage: Eugenia Wright