Monday, July 29, 2013

Media Partners and Sponsors are Elated about EOTM Awards

EOTM Media builds corporate brand alliances for the good of those doing good

Anticipation is rising and the clock is ticking for the inaugural EOTM(Entrepreneur on the Move) Awards which is set to take place on Sunday, August 4, 2013 at the esteemed Pacific Design Center from 6 PM to 8 PM.  The EOTM Awards is the first award show to celebrate remarkable entrepreneurship in the entertainment industry. It will be a memorable star-studded night honoring the shining stars of today who are making a difference to change the world tomorrow. 

“The EOTM Awards will bring together entrepreneurs of all genres and honor these outstanding individuals for their works, not popularity. We are excited to work with iconic brands, such as Black Enterprise, surrounding our inaugural awards show. This will be entrepreneurs’ biggest night and we look forward to partnering with corporate companies to connect their brands with the most influential audience across multiple platforms,” says Carla B., Founder of the EOTM Awards and CEO of EOTM Media Group.
Sponsors and media partners are absolutely excited about being in partnership with the EOTM Awards. Read what some of them have to say below:

Black Enterprise: “Black Enterprise is proud of our relationship with the EOTM Awards and for the opportunity to support the initiatives like theirs. With the very few organizations that truly support entrepreneurship, it is refreshing to see EOTM recognize some of the amazing entrepreneurs in the world,” - Johann Alleyne-Morris, Marketing Manager.

Backstage: As the nation’s leading resource for performers, Backstage is proud to be a sponsor of the first annual EOTM Awards and strongly support their efforts to promote entrepreneurs in media,” -Lindsay Feinstein, Advertising & Sales Ass.

C.M.M. Agency LLC: “As a celebrity publicist and the Director of Branding for C.M.M. Agency LLC, I am elated to partner and offer the resources of the company to an organization that celebrates entrepreneurial achievements and performance in business and social awareness. We feel that EOTMs desire to promote human rights and social justice is phenomenal, and our entire team is dedicated to ensuring the success of EOTM. C.M.M Agency LLC. believes that social justice and development are the keys to creating multiple pathways to advocacy and social responsibility nationwide. Brand association is key and EOTM is the perfect brand with purpose and power!” – Joshua U. Hargrove

Havana Watches: "We at Havana Watches believe in giving back to the community. I have been a practicing entrepreneur for over 30 years. This nation is built on the back of entrepreneurs. We support and do business with America's young and growing men and women entrepreneurs."  -Charles D. Watkin, CEO.

To purchase tickets or packages, see the lists of nominees and stay updated with the EOTM Awards, please go to the website.

You can also stay connected with EOTM Awards on Facebook and Twitter.
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About EOTM Awards:
An accolade presented by the EOTM Radio & Media Network celebrating entrepreneurial achievements and performances in business, philanthropy and the arts (recordings, television, literature, film, directing, new media production and writing). The EOTM Awards Show will also present “The Aaron Hatcher Award,” to key individuals/organizations promoting human rights and social justice.
“The Christopher Kennedy Lawford Humanitarian Award,” also makes its debut, recognizing individuals who are outstanding models of service, collaboration and leadership. Those who have overcome illnesses and life threatening obstacles. Honoring great people that continually give back to the community, seeking to improve the life of others.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kali Muscle Exposed: The Other Side

There are so many battles being fought in our society for righteousness. It is extremely saddening when you look into the core of these battles only to find hate and fear.  Yesterday, the bodybuilding community went into an internet frenzy regarding actor, bodybuilder, author and entrepreneur Kali Muscle for being “exposed” for Gay for Pay.  Gay for pay turned into Kali being actually gay according to what I saw. I began to read messages, blog posts and watch the videos that made statements such as people calling him a “butt pirate” or saying”Kali is gay. He is a disgrace to the bodybuilding world.” Oh and let’s not forget enormous amount of “F” bombs that were stamped all across the internet. Homophobic….. Is this really how the bodybuilding community wants to be seen?

Kali is a friend and colleague of mine. We have worked together professionally and he has changed my life partner/wife, Bea’s and my life personally.  I met him and his lovely wife singer and entrepreneur Dvyne a little over 2 years ago. Bea and I had been struggling with our weight and health issues all of our lives.  Kali began talking to us about the importance of being healthy. I have lived with asthma, diabetes, hypertension and other illnesses the majority of my life. When Kali looked into my eyes one day and said “ I see your eyes are yellow. We need to get you healthy.” Bea and I made the choice and said “yes.”  We did not have a lot of money. He allowed us to pay what we could afford. What we received in return was priceless. Not only did he teach us a new way of life, he became who he needed to be for us to get it. Sometimes, it was not the nicest, I knew that he wanted us to LIVE. No matter how busy his schedule became, he always made time for us.  He did not sell out on us. Bea is a masculine identified lesbian and Kali was a true ally to her…to us! He never ..EVER made us feel anything less than human.  Bea and I lost 60lbs a piece from his teachings.  I stopped taking 90% of my meds. He is a lifesaver.

Many see Kali now and think he is a mean, arrogant and obnoxious dude. The Kali that I know is funny, kind, giving  and loving. The true meaning of GAY! To know him is to know is journey. I am so glad that he gets to tell his story in his soon to be released autobiography “X-Con to Icon.” He is really passionate about getting his story to the young people specifically. His message is “Be Conscious of your choices” with everything in life. I get that from him. His fans get that from him. When this book comes out the world will get it.

I believe that the bodybuilding community should perhaps take notes and begin to worry about making a significant impact on others;  speaking life into people instead of hate.   

To my friend Kali , Bea and I thank you for the bottom of our hearts for giving us life. We are so honored to have the sincere privilege of seeing your other side. Now it is time to let the whole world see all of you…well…I’m sure they want to see more. #nopunintended #nohetero  xoxoxo

*Adult Language*

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Discover your Passion with Life Coach Raquel Meyer

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