Who is Really Behind These Blessing Looms?

via GIPHY   2020 has really been a year that will go down in the history books for various reasons.  Who would imagine us being in the midst of  a global pandemic, a unprecenteded election, unpredictable economy and a fundamental, monumental revolution! In the midst of all of the emotions whether it is grief, pain, anger, sorrow, gratitude, connection, and community; greed finds its way of embedding itself in the vein of it all. I have to be honest, I am a fan of the show American Greed. To see the great lengths that some people will go through for money and status is unbelievable but you see it happens over and over on every episode. You see the rise, fall, misery and grief of all the parties involved. I think I know what the next major 2 part show will cover.  A couple of months ago, I had been approached by 2 people in my inner circle about this opportunity to participate in something amazing. Not only was this opportunity amazing but it brought  forth community in a time where we

Is Kayne West The Spook That Sat By The Door or Nah?

Is Kayne West “The Spook Who Sat By The Door” Or Nah via GIPHY Kayne West has been disregarded and discredited in the media lately. I know there are so many questions from the people within our community including myself. What are you doing, What are your motives, Why are you flipping the script, What is really going on?   Are you okay?   There is so much confusion surrounding Kayne as a community. I have always been a fan of Kanye. His music and lyrics have been groundbreaking. His music…Some of my favs are “Crack Music,” “Ultra Light Beam,” and “Go Hard” with DJ Khaled and T-Pain. Prior to his recent political journey, he was speaking to the masses through his Sunday Services. He definitely has a God-given gift of telling a story… a real story that is not sugar-coated at all but just raw, uplifting, “Get your sugar honey ice tea together type vibes.” The community became on edge with him once he made his first appearance with Donald Trump. Soon after, we declared himself a Tr

4 Blocks, 15, and Pregnant -Revisted

I had originally published this article back in April of 2012 on Yahoo! Voices to share my experience and commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the 1992 LA Civil Unrest. I was in my first-year fellowship in Americorps Public Allies Los Angeles program. It was inevitable for me to want to re-publish it now while the world is in an uproar now than ever. Almost, 30 years after the LA unrest, we are still here ...unrested.😡 The memories are still embedded in my mind. I can still remember my world burning all around me  and the rage the was inside me while trying to cope with understanding it all because I was carrying a life within me. I had to learn how to turn that rage into love so that I could be the best mother and student.  It is so...whats the word because sad is not it.... Then, let's not forget we are still in the middle of a whole pandemic😷 2020 is waking us up. In 92, we were screaming, "No Justice, No Peace" and today it is "Black LIves Matter." They bot

Hurricane Relief Concert: "An Evening with Saxophonist Mark Allen Felton &Friends"

Hurricane Relief Concert for St. Maarten When:  Sunday, November 12, 2017 Where: 10611 S. Hoover Street Los Angeles, Ca 90044 Time:  6:00 pm -9:00 pm Tickets: $ 40 in advance/ $45 at the door Tickets also available on Eventbrite   Funds donated will be used to rebuild and restore St. Marteen/St. Martin & Repairers of Broken Wall Ministries Celebrity Surprise Guests 40.00 in advance/ 45.00 at the door Tickets are non-refundable! No exceptions! No assigned seating! Produced by: April Weeden White Donations can also be made through Paypal:   This concerts benefits those that lost everything during the hurricane! Tickets are non-refundable First come first serve seating! No assigned seating!

Los Angeles: Friends of Fuller B. Gordy Strikefest

Iris Gordy & Karla Gordy Bristol invite you to join them for a Unique Entertainment Extravaganza, "Friends of Fuller B. GordyStrikefest". It is happening Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at Corbin Bowl located at 19616 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91356.  Celebrating the Legacy of Motown Records V.P., Humanitarian and Professional Bowler, Fuller B. Gordy and honoring and supporting My Friend's House Foundation. Concert ~ Catered Delicious Dinner ~ Bowling Competition (Play or Spectate) ~ Award Presentations ~ Karaoke Lounge ~ Silent Auction ~ Raffles ~ Flip Book Station ~ Bar service available An entertainment treat by Thelma Houston, Mary Wilson, Freda Payne, Brenda Holloway and Scherrie Payne! ~ Motown Alumni and Entertainment Legends! ~ Admission $150 Admission lnk:  https:// fullerbgordystrikefestinvit e.eventbrit 6 PM Red Carpet/6:30 Appetizers (Dinner will follow)Wednesday, November 8, 2017 Attire: Comfortable Chic ~ Free Parking in Rear Lot Our "10 Ann

Discover Healing Foods at The Lotus Blossom Clinic

Want to learn more about healing yourself by eating the right foods? The Lotus Blossom Clinic, located in Fort Myers, Florida, offers an Intro to Food Healing class once a month .   In this exceptionally informative class, the attendees get to have a full interactive experience.  Vickie Gelardi, Medicinal Food Consultant and Dr. David Martin were the presenters for the September class. Each attendee received valuable materials and resources including details of the most affluent foods for healing as well as a food intelligence test and links to online videos (some are viewed in the class). The class is a personal setting that includes a table of delicious nutritionally rich foods.  The emphasis of the class is that an organic gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar free lifestyle can lead you to an outstanding bill of health. Ms Gelardi stated, “If you eat organic, you will get rid of 80% of pesticides in your body.” Dr. Martin and Ms. Gelardi addressed each attendee’s health issue wit

TASTE IT!!! Organic Spirits Tasing presented by InTheMixLA

TASTE IT! Wednesday November 1, 2018 6:30 - 9:00 pm Join LA area professionals for a unique social networking opportunity at LA’s oldest Distillery GreenBar. Visiting LA's original distillery is a tasty way to learn about craft distillation and artisanal spirits. The TASTE IT experience will teach you interesting & entertaining facts about how craft spirits are made, while you taste up to six organic spirits. Ticket Includes: Tasting of up to 6 organic spirits 2 specialty craft cocktails Music Two Hours of mingling and meeting new people Sample flavors from GreenBar the World’s largest portfolio of organic spirits products including; IXÁ Tequila, Tru Vodka, Grand Poppy Amaro, City Gin, Slow Hand Whiskey, Crusoe Rum, Bar Keep Bitters and Fruitlab Liqueur. This unique venue was the first distillery built in LA since prohibition and for every bottle of liquor made a tree is planted! So let's help the planet by having a drink, or two. Early Bird Ti