Discover Healing Foods at The Lotus Blossom Clinic

Want to learn more about healing yourself by eating the right foods? The Lotus Blossom Clinic, located in Fort Myers, Florida, offers an Intro to Food Healing class once a month.  In this exceptionally informative class, the attendees get to have a full interactive experience.  Vickie Gelardi, Medicinal Food Consultant and Dr. David Martin were the presenters for the September class. Each attendee received valuable materials and resources including details of the most affluent foods for healing as well as a food intelligence test and links to online videos (some are viewed in the class). The class is a personal setting that includes a table of delicious nutritionally rich foods.  The emphasis of the class is that an organic gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar free lifestyle can lead you to an outstanding bill of health. Ms Gelardi stated, “If you eat organic, you will get rid of 80% of pesticides in your body.”

Dr. Martin and Ms. Gelardi addressed each attendee’s health issue with food antidotes. Inflammation was a common thread among everyone in the class therefore; they instantly began discussing the healing benefits of turmeric. Dr. Martin put emphasis on aligning your “Qi”( life force/energy) starting with meditation. He instructed the class on how to do a quick gratitude meditation.  Next, Dr. Martin informed the class on the importance of the natural chemical compounds found in fruits and vegetables which are now labeled as phytochemicals.  He discussed the benefits of drinking smoothies rather than juicing and even presented a demonstration by making an anti-inflammatory smoothie for the class. He further gave some insight to food fermentation for healthy digestion. Dr. Martin started this Food Healing Class series a couple of years ago after discovering that many of his patients had health issues that were food related.

Some of the foods served were avocado key lime pie, humus, organic carrots, apples, peppers and cucumbers, cheesy dip made with almonds, nutritional yeast, lime juice and paprika, Nut-Thins, guacamole and anti-inflammatory/detox soup. There are books for purchase with the food and smoothie recipes as well as food healing guides at the clinic.

The next Intro to Food Healing class will be taking place on November 11, 2017 and the cost is $25.

Vicki Gelardi has over 40 years experience in food consulting. She started her work with children with Autism and ADHD in New York City. She has implemented nutritional lunch programs in schools in New York and Florida. Ms. Gelardi has taken her food advocacy to the State Senate Committee on enforcing proper food labeling. She is currently the Board Vice President for De LaSalle Academy.  Ms. Gelardi offers one-on one and group food consultations. She shows her clients where and how to shop for organic healing foods.  She states, “We are here to help people avoid suffering. We love what we do.”

Dr. David Martin is a certified and licensed doctor in Oriental Medicine that includes acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, herbs and Tuina (massage) for over 16 years.  Dr. Martin expresses the importance of healing the whole person; mind, body and spirit. He works in cooperation with Western Medicine to get optimal results for his patients.  His wife, Deb Martin, is also a partner of the Lotus Blossom Clinic practice. She is also a medicinal food consultant and a Reiki Master. She offers reiki sessions at the Clinic. “Everyone has their own path. Not everyone can be perfect, but we know that they can do something better in getting rid of diseases. It is a matter of taking one step,” Dr. Martin stated.

Vicki Gelardi and Dr. David Martin

 There are a variety of additional services and classes offered at the Lotus Blossom Clinic such as Blood Education, Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and other food classes. The clinic is located at 6710 Winkler Rd. Suite #2, Fort Myers. The website is and you find them on Facebook.


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