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Kierrah Events & Velvet Ropes ENT Presents:

(Los Angeles, CA) – On Thursday, September 30, 2010, Kierrah Events & Velvet Ropes ENT presents the second showcase in the series entitled Healing Through Music. This showcase is subtitled “A House Party with Pepper Mashay” located at the legendary Jewel’s Catch One Disco in Los Angeles, CA.

It’s a House Party!! House is a style of electronic dance music that originated in Chicago, Illinois, USA in the early 1980s. It was initially popularized in mid-1980s discothèques. House Music is strongly influenced by elements of soul- and funk-infused varieties of disco.

This slamming party features Disco Diva Pepper Mashay. Pepper has sung for such artists as Tina Turner, Cher, Mick Jagger, Keb Mo, Celine Dion and many others. In 2000, Pepper exploded on the music scene with her hit “Dive in the Pool” (an unofficial song from Showtime’s “Queer As Folk”). In 2005, she released “Send Me An Angel", the classic 80s pop hit with a remix by Dave Aude’ and “Beauty Shop” from the MGM movie DVD featuring Queen Latifah. Pepper’s new song “Freeway of Love” has a jumping video and was released in February of this year. The video has quickly made its way up the National Video Charts. Pepper has performed at countless Festivals, where she rocks “Cosmic Love Juice” and “Love & Understanding” to a roaring crowd.

The night also features House Music Mix Masters DJ Lovey C and DJ Sexy Claudette. Both former DJ’s at Jewel’s Catch One Disco, the two have jammed House Music all over the West Coast. As an added treat, Songbird Aquilah Ali will take to the stage. And Go Go Dancer Jenny Yi, will “WOW”, the crowd with her sexy dance moves.


Confirmed Celebrity Guests include: Charyse Monet, Lejon O. Stewart, just to name a few.

“A House Party with Pepper Mashay”
Thursday, September 30, 2010
Media Check in 6:30 P.M.
Red Carpet at 7:00 p.m
Showtime: 8:00 p.m.

Jewel’s Catch One Disco
4067 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90019

A portion of the proceeds benefit The Kierrah Foundation for former foster girls and their children.

For Media Inquires/Credentials or Celebrity Submission, please contact Betrice Coleman-Sweet, Publicist
Serving Angels Media –

Trueful & guest artists Dru Hill H-Town & Ricky Jones shake rattle and ‘rock’ the LA Convention Center at The Old School Meets New Skool R&B concert

Trueful & guest artists Dru Hill H-Town & Ricky Jones shake rattle and ‘rock’ the LA Convention Center at The Old School Meets New Skool R&B concert – by Eugenia Wright aka Kleopatra Girl

“An all points bulletin had mega reach to celebrities and media alike.”

It was touted to be the “R&B” concert of the millennium but the word on everyone lips post concert was “rock.” I’m talking about Trueful’s CD release of “Taste of Class” at the Old School Meets New Skool concert held at the LA Convention Center. Posts comments from the crowd was “It rocked!”

The “rockin’” weekend started the day before the concert at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel LAX where the main acts to perform, Trueful, Dru Hill, H-Town and R&B crooner Ricky Jones convened for a press conference. There, an elaborate buffet of cheese, fruit, vegetables, chips, dips and drinks were served. An all points bulletin alert from the PR Office (ISA PR) went out on the wires and the media turned out in droves. Comedienne Annie McKnight who kept things wildly lively and fun moderated the conference. There were a few celebrity supporters such as Irene Mama Stokes, Oakland’s finest R&B princess Dvyne (also a reporter for Soul Beat), actor Isa Hall and child actor Anthony Hobbs who were on hand to offer congratulatory comments. Media took plenty of photos snapping Trueful, Dru Hill, H-Town and Ricky Jones aka “ The King of Hearts.”

Expectations for Trueful’s CD release and the concert had been heightened for weeks prior to the event. Everyone was expecting a turnout of celebrities and music groups. Did they deliver? Yes!!!! Resoundingly so. Celebrities included: The legendary Chambers, Brothers, former lead singer for the Temptations Louis Price, R&B princess Dvyne,music producer AVI, Rapper Lil’ Zane, The Circle, producers APT 6, Young Wisdom, Rapper T, Miss Tami (The Lyrical Boxer), folk singer Martha Liz, singer/TV host Porscha Coleman, R&B singer Maiya Sykes, DJ Tre Luv and from the world of film and TV; actor Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side), actor/filmmaker/writer/producer

Sy Richardson (Posse) and his lovely wife Theresa, actress Suzette Tomlinson, Irene Mama Stokes, international film star Xango Henry, Melissa Grimmond (Zane’s Sex Chronicles), former Barker’s Beauty Kathleen Bradley (“Mrs. Parker” in the cult classic movie Friday), actor Vincent M. Ward (True Blood), actor Isa Hall, TV producer Cher Rue. From the modeling world; Playboy model Josie Goldberg, sultry and exotic beauty Donna Rowe (cameras could not get enough of this one), Joslyn Pennywell (America’s Next Top Model), Fiu Fiu Brazilian bikini wear model Allyson Flores, stylist Krystal French, child model Anthony Hobbs. From comedy, Annie McKnight and Kymedienne. Industry moguls included Jarvee Hutcherson (Producer and founder of the Multi-Cultural Motion Pic Assn.), Tanya Kersey (Producer/founder of The Hollywood Black Film Festival) and Leo Rodgers (Sr. V.P. of Bungalow Records). From the fitness and dance world I spotted Kali Muscle and Sam Bell of Sam Bell Body, exotic beauty Daychia and The French Royalty dancers. To top it off there were about 14 to 20 of the most beautiful women from all over the globe representing the pageant contestants from the Ethnic World Beauty Pageant and their founder Aiisha Ferguson. Each contestant was wearing their country’s sash and crown. Their presence took the red carpet from star studded to ionospheric brilliance.


It didn’t take long for the performing groups to raise the temperature in the house, also. Trueful delivered an electrying performance working the house and the ladies in the audience as did H-Town who knocked the boots from the convention center to the Staples basketball hoops nearby. Women were heard screaming throughout the venue and Dru Hill who were the last to perform ended the show with a big wail and shouts and screams from the audience. I could relate totally as I lost my voice at the end of the evening from announcing everyone on the red carpet. But, would I have it any other way (????). No way!

French Royalty Entertainment should be commended for putting on a concert (their first major by the way) on such a mega scale. Team Trueful (Eunice Moseley of The Pulse of Entertainment and Eugenia Wright of ISA PR) contributed immensely to the success of the event also.

The grand LA Convention shook rattle and rocked all night. If you don’t want to take my word for it, take a look at the links provided.

From start to finish people were standing in front of their seats. They just could not sit down. It was R&B but it felt like a Rock concert. Reports are that Trueful and French Royalty Entertainment are planning to take the show on a national tour. Possibly Oakland then Baltimore then on to Miami and Atlanta. Rock on R&B!!!

Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned syndicated columnist/publicist. You may write to her at

Photos: Donald Carraway and Vinni Ratcliff

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Trueful’s CD Release and Old School Meets New Skool – Red carpet interviews by Harmony Bailey

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Conf. Photos at Exposay

Concert Arrivals in Exposay

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Inside the Man of Steel: Interview with Xango Henry Pt. 1


His amazing smile shines on the big screen, the TV screen and the red carpets. I am talking about a man who is an actor, personal trainer, kick-boxer, and he has some talents that you will soon find out about in this interview. I am talking about Mr. Xango Henry. With all these skills and a hectic schedule, Xango is a proud Father of 5 children. Xango opens up in this interview and discusses his roots, shares his journey, fitness, his "Faster than a speeding bullet" acting career with over 27 feature films in over 2 years and giving back. Trust me you are going to be blown away! Life is good for the man of steel who feels with a big heart. This is the first part of one of an in depth interview in his own words.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and moved to Atlanta,Georgia in 1996. I have been here (Los Angeles) a little over 2 years.

What is your nationality or cultural background?

I was born African American. My ancestry according to my Father's side is from Senegal, Nigeria. My great grandparents were slaves. I have a very large family in Birmingham, Alabama, many whom I have not met. I was not raised with my biological father. I began talking with him in 2005 after my Mother made her transition. He shared with me that my grandparents lived to be 123 years old and 115 years old. One had 16 children and the other had about 18 0r 19 children. They were basically breeders.

What were your emotions in learning that history?

There were pros and cons. I felt good to learn more about my ancestry. I knew very little. We were breeders. I was unhappy to know about that and the slave part. On the other hand I was happy to know where I came from and to know we had strong genes to live so long.

How did you get into acting and fitness?

I honestly believe that it was a gift that was given to me. I did not come to Los Angeles to act. I have been acting now for 2 years in November. I came here to do regular training, Body Building and security. I met Samuel L. Jackson’s wife, Tanya Richardson in Atlanta, Georgia. I met her through one of my clients, who was doctor. She gave me Billy Blanks brother's Michael Blanks number. Me and Michael talked and I was on my way to California. I had an associate/friend Daudi and his wife Israel and family also who had begun their move from Atlanta, connected with several entertainers among whom had offered them a reality T.V. deal based on their "Vegan Style food" way of life n which they wanted me on the show as the personal trainer. It was then that I decided to take some acting classes in order to be better prepared. That ultimately led to what is now my acting career. That is what sparked me to take an acting class. I was honored to take one with the great Ruben Moreno. He has done over 300 movies. After I completed Ruben’s training , he said, ”Xango, you have a future in acting.” I said, “Really” He said “Once a producer sees you; You are in” When I walked into my first audition the producer said “That is the Guy we are looking for!” That was the first project that I did. The DVD has been edited and just released this year. It is called “The Echo Game.” I have done 27 Films in 2 years.

What are your challenges as an African American Male actor? How do you overcome them?

I don’t have any challenges! I am going over what a challenge may be. I am going around it and I am going under it. If there is no other choice I am going straight through it. It is not me, it is the Most High. The Most High is directing my career, managing my career, guiding my career. My main publisher. The main movement or force behind me because I would have never thought in my 40’s that I would be an actor. The only thing that is stopping us now is ourselves.

Where did you study Martial Arts and Kickboxing?

I originally started in Detroit, Michigan. I started in the neighborhood with a coach. I was fighting everybody from the streets to the professionals. I was a black belt fighter of the street. I had to join a school to get the “official” karate training and compete in karate events. I advance very rapidly. I started as a white belt and quickly became a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree black belt. Then I obtained my Black Belt in Kung Fu. Then I decided I wanted to get into the ring and do some Kick Boxing. I fought in Detroit and Canada. It made me proud and understand our journey as a people. I wanted to bring back what I learned. As a very dark-skinned man, I grew up being the center of all the jokes. They use to call me Black, Burnt, Buckwheat and Tarbaby. I would be in tears. I remember entertaining thoughts that I wish that I wasn’t as black as I was. I had a sister and she was fair-skinned and she used to call me black. Isn’t that something that back then that was the worst thing that you could call someone. I remember crying to my mother and she said “Well, son. You are Black!” Then I began to read about our history and I was shocked like “Whoa”. We used to be Kings and Queens. We made the pyramids and Universities in Timbuktu?? That is a lot to be proud of. I began to walk in that joy and I shared that Joy. That Journey took over me wanting to be Heavy Weight Champion of the world. I wanted to box and kickbox. Muhammed Ali and Bruce Lee were my idols.
See I had a step father who paid all the bills but did not give me the “Rights of Passage”. He did all the other common basic things a father would do. But he did not teach me our history. I think everyone in America should know their history. Only by knowing what happened yesterday then we could intelligently discuss today! Because, today is built off yesterday and tomorrow will be built off today.

How long have you been a personal trainer?

I have been a personal trainer on paper for 10 years. However, I have been training and teaching people how to get and stay in condition for over 25 years.

What or who was your motivation or inspiration behind being a personal trainer?

It came from meeting those who didn’t know and wanted to know. I wanted to share and to give. Then I would take some of the children in Detroit to The University and teach them. Then, I became a teacher at Gold’s Gym. I developed a class called Jahqui which is similar to Tae Bo. Xango Fitness ties into who I am as a person as an actor, producer and director, I began to brand everything. I brand everything as Xango i.e Xango Fitness, Xango Nutrition and Xango Health. It is a very unique type of training.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ethnic World Pageants is Changing The Face of Pageantry

Culver City, CA September 9, 2010) - Beauty, Class, Style, Glamour and more is in store at The Ethnic World Pageant Sunday, September 19, 2010 at The Radisson West Hotel located at 6161 Centinela Ave, Culver City, CA 90280 at 7:00 PM. This Grand Red Carpet Event will showcase women from all around the world from different backgrounds, cultures, ages and ethnicities. These women will not only "strut their stuff" but they will also signify their intellect competing in several aspects including Fashion Wear, Cultural Expression, Evening Gown, Athletic Wear and Community Service. The Ethnic World Pageant has Six (6) divisions : Pre-Teen, Teen, Miss, Ms. , Mrs. and Elegance The purpose of the Ethnic World Pageant is to give women the opportunity to build positive relationships with other women who are inspiring and working diligently to leave a dynamic impact on the communities they serve.

This awe-inspiring event will be filled with live entertainment including a very special performance by R&B/Hip-Hop/Pop Sensation Trueful who will be serenading the Queens with his new hit single "Beauty" from his new sophmore CD "A Taste of Class. The charity focus for the 2010 Ethnic World Pageant is HIV/AIDS Awareness. Brandy Sanders, Founder of The Kierrah Foundation, will be a guest speaker along with many others. Invited Celebrity Guests, special announcements, prizes, vendors, TONS of Media and much more. THIS IS AN EVENING THAT YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS!

Aiisha Ferguson, Director of the Ethnic World Pageant and Owner ALIZ Productions, has been producing the Ethnic World Pageant since 2005.
Excitement is not even the word to describe her emotions on this year's gala.

The judges for this prestigious event are Norma Guerrez (Plus Size Fashion Designer/Translator), Jahna Cole Houston (Actress), Fitz Houston (Actor), Carol Espinoza (HR Director), Jawanna McFadden (Actress), Daisy Pollard ( BQM Management) and Rochelle Scott (Director of CA Miss & Cover Boy).


Current Ethnic World International Queens Pageant Queens:

Miss Ethnic World International 2010 - Tenecia Harris

Ms Ethnic World International 2010 - Marlena Martin

Mrs. Ethnic World International 2010 - Barbara Bertrand

Ms Elegance Ethnic World International 2010- Lisa Tallarigo



Pre-Teen California Ethnic World - Mia Gardner Hire

Teen Belize Ethnic World - Brittany Sinclair

Teen Latina Ethnic World - Andreina Mayora


Miss Belize Ethnic World - Brittani Carbral

Miss Latina Ethnic World - Jessica Quintero

Miss Maryland Ethnic World - Aisha Cole

Miss New England Ethnic World - Shalon Chester


Ms. California Ethnic World - Daneisha Kain

Ms. Latina Ethnic World - Yadira Orozco

Ms. West Coast Ethnic World - Cachet Mitchell


Mrs. California Ethnic World- Jennifer Palomba

Mrs. Latina Ethnic World - Michelle Villanova

Mrs. New England Ethnic World - Lovern J. Augustine


Ms California Elegance EW - Nashika Alexander

Ms. Florida Elegance EW - Lynette Williams

Ms. Latina Elegance EW - Jessenia Vasquez

Ms. U.S African American Elegance EW- Talisa Hopson

The board is Larhonda Braxton(Assistant Director) Gwen Hill (Board Director), Milton Guiness (Liason), Jaimie Mill (Artistic Director/Choreographer, Betrice Coleman- Media/Public Relations

Prelim Directors: Janelle Woods "New England Ethnic World", Michele Vilanova "Latina Ethnic World", Perpetua Phillips "Florida Ethnic World", Eva Forman "Belize and Caribena Ethnic World", Sophia Minor "African American U.S Ethnic World".

Ethnic World Pageant is also celebrating and congratulating Miss Caressa Cameron ( Miss Teen ethnic World 2005) on being crowned Miss America 2010!!!

Partial Proceeds from The Ethnic World Pageant will benefit The Transgender Department (TransGia Divas) of The Minority Aids Project.

Media Check in: 5:30 P.M.

Red Carpet starts: 6 P.M.

Show Starts: 7:00 P.M.

For Additional Info on the Ethnic World Pageant please go to or

For Media Credentials/Press Inquires & Client Submissions, Please contact Betrice Coleman-Sweet, Publicist, Serving Angels Media at (562) 556-9161 or

About Minority AIDS Project: Transgender Dept:
In 1991 Minority AIDS Project establish the first and oldest Transgender Program in California. The program was developed to reduce the risk of sufferings and deaths due to HIV/AIDS in African American and Trans Communities in Los Angeles County. Their goals and objectives are accomplished through various interventions such as Community Outreach, Behavior Modification Worksops, Individual Level Intervention, Free HIV testing and Counseling, Mental Health Housing, Substance Abuse Recovery Referrals and Hormone Referrals.

For More info on Trans Girls In Action Divas (Trans GIA Divas):


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Think Big Entertainment is Not Just a Record Label; IT'S A MOVEMENT!!

Ralph Waldo Emmerson once said, "A Man's Life is what his thoughts make of it." That statement is what embodies the magic and creativity of Think Big Entertainment. Founded in 2008 by Patrick Wright and Justin Ballou, Think Big Enetertainment is unstoppable with the support and staff there is always new and exciting material surfacing. The business model is based on goals. The goal of Think Big Entertainment is to take high quality entertainment to another level. Think Big's goals are filled with determination, motivation and inspiration. These goals are steadily being accomplished. Think Big is a new, fresh and innovative label that's stiiring up the right recipe for the industry.

Rising Music Producer and Artist T.B. (Terrence Brown) A.K.A. Tha Bizness has been with Think Big Entertainment since day one. T.B. has released two (2) mixtape/Street albums entitled "Think Big Vol.1" and "The Jack of all Trades." These albums are a testament to TB's heavy hitting skills on the mic, writing and producing. TB is also producing some projects for some well-known west coast artist and is also working on his third album. Along with his releases, he currently has tons of unreleased material chilling on ice waiting just for the right time to fuel that fire that already burns in the Think Big family.

Rawket is the newest artist to Think Big and is aleady stirring a buzz. Rawket is currently working on his first project which is due to be released by the end of this year. Look out for Rawkets diverse, raw and agressive skills.

Producer, Frank Mora, has a natutral hand when it comes to turning an idea into a masterpiece. He brings a fresh mind on every project. Frank focuses on planning sheets, shooting video/film and editing material .


Think Big Entertainment is in full force action and is not turning back. Synergy is the key for the team when working together. Think Big Enetrtainment is not just your new "off the street" record label. These are the services offered by Think Big Entertainment:

. Artist Management

. Promotion

. Production

. Filming/Editing -Music Videos, Feature Films, Commercials

. Advertising (coming soon)


The label has several productions up for negotiation. Think Big is also currently looking for collaborations with hungry artists and producers.

Think Big Entertainment is always about giving back to the community. This is why the label and its artist are motivated in making a difference and contributing to various organizations in hopes of inspiring others with their courageous actions. Think outside the Box, Think Positive, THINK BIG!!!

Justin Ballou: (562) 607-7188
Patrick Wright: (562) 382-5432
Frank Mora (562) 964-8643
Terrance Brown: (562) 313-1256

On the web:

Starting the School Year off right for our young people at The 5th Annual Kierrah Foundation Back To School Celebration


(September 7, 2010- Carson, CA ) - It's that time of year again. You've got that right. It is time for The Kierrah Foundation's Annual Back to School Celebration on September 11, 2010. 2010 marks the 5th year and will be taking place at Del Amo Park located at 703 East Del Amo Blvd, Carson, CA from 2:00 P.M.-5:00P.M.

This festive celebration will be filled with sharing, giving, fun times and touching lives as it is every year. Celebrity guests will be in attendance to offer words of encouragement, sign autographs, story-telling, take pictures and assist with passing out back packs to our children.

Each year, The Kierrah Foundation, along with the generosity of the community assists approximately 50 children with school supplies. This tradition was started by the Founders of The Kierrah Foundation, Brandy "Auntee" Sanders and her late husband Stan "Unc" Sanders. It is their "vision turned reality" in serving young women and their children who have "aged-out' of the foster car system that has made such an powerful impact on everyone outside the community as well including celebrities.

Past celebrity supporters of The Kierrah Foundation include: Michael Coylar, Parker McKenna Posey, Official Kierrah Foundation Spokesperson and Kierrah's Angel of Laughter Luenell, Brenda Lee Eager, Ayanna Stokes, Alfre Woodard, Spinderella, Kymedienne, Mc Lyte, California Dolphins, D.j. Spark, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Eugenia Wright, 2-U-Neek, Trueful, Tionne Williams, Cassius Weathersby and many, MANY more.

This year we have a host of celebrity guests in store including Some of the Queens from the Ethnic World Pageant, Actress/Hip-Hop Artist Charyse (Ladi Sharp) Monet and more to be announced soon. You never know who will drop in.

This year's event could not taken place at Del Amo park without the gracious help of a wonderful community supporter Carla Dorhan Spiller.

The Kierrah Foundation is currently accepting monetary and school supply donations. For more info please go to

If you would like to register your child for this event please contact Brandy Sanders at or call (213) 309-9900.

About The Kierrah Foundation:
The Kierrah Foundation assist young women who have "aged-out" of the foster care system. Many of these women are young mothers themselves. The Kierrah Foundation's objective is to empower former foster girls to become self-sufficient and avoid the pitfalls of aging out of the system which can include poverty, homelessness, victims of domestic violence, substance abuse, prostitution, gang affiliation, aimlessness and automatic slippage into welfare and perhaps the most frightening for these young women, losing their own children to the foster care system.

For Media/Press inquiries, please contact, Betrice Coleman-Sweet, Serving Angels Media @ (562) 556-9161 or


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Ethnic World Queens parades a Taste of Trueful's Class @ Old Skool meets New School Press Conference and Red Carpet Concert

ew banner[1]
(Los Angeles, California, September, 2010) – On Friday, September 17, 2010, In support of New School R& B's Rising Star Trueful and his ground breaking, star-studded , red carpet concert "Old School Meets New Skool with R&B heavy hitters Dru Hill, Silk, H-Town and more , Aiisha Ferguson, Director of Ethnic World Pageant along with two (2) of the pageants international Queens will be in attendance at the Official Old School Meets New Skool Press Conference which will take place at Four Points Sheraton Hotel 9750 Airport Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA in the (San Diego ballroom) at 2:30 PM. In addition to his concert of all concerts on Saturday, Trueful will also be performing at the highly anticipated Ethnic World International Pageant that will take place on Sunday, September 19, 2010 at the Radisson Westside Hotel located at 6161 W. Centinela Ave., Culver City, CA 90280.

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20 Ethnic Pageant Beauties including current queens and delegates will also be sashaying their sashes and crowns on stage with R&B /Hip-Hop/Pop Singer Sensation Trueful at his Sophmore CD release concert on Saturday Sept. 18, 2010 at L. A Convention Center (West Hall) as he sings his new hit "Beauty" from his new album "Taste Of Class."

For further media information on press conference and credentialing to concert contact: Eugenia Wright @ ISA Public Relations
(818) 552-9459 or (818) 489-3502

You can purchase tickets to this hot concert - before it’s sold out – by logging onto or call (866) 777-8932.


For Media Inquires/Bookings for Ethnic World, please contact Betrice Coleman-Sweet, Publicist, Serving Angels Media at (562) 556-9161 or

To Purchase Tickets for The Ethnic World Pageant, go to:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Benefiting L.E.A.D

It was a night filled with dialogue, poetry, giveaways, food, singing, fellowship, and good times; all while raising awareness and money for a powerful up and coming organization L.E.A.D. L.E.A.D stands for Leadership Through Empowerment Action and Dialogue which was founded by Ely Flores and supported by co-founders Noe Orgaz and Bea Sweet.
On August 14, 2010, Acapulco Restaurant in Hollywood hosted a benefit dinner for L.E.A.D. 25% of all food and non-alcoholic beverages that were purchased during the dinner was donated to this ground-breaking organization. L.E.A.D staff member Alejandro Estrada along with the founders had an amazing program in store. Ely and Noe opened up with talking about the purpose of the benefit dinner which was to raise funds because LEAD is currently working on building leadership chapters throughout Los Angeles County. Empowering our youth and creating social change is the core value of L.E.A.D.

There were jaw-dropping performances by a young and very talented singer Leily Sanchez. Leily is a young 17 year old high school senior and an extraodinary voice. There were words of truth for the soul by spoken word artists/writers Alex Alfaro and Niemah Khail Williams. Alex opened up with the audeince and by the end of his pieces everyone was in utter astonishment to hear his life story expressed through poetry. Niemah use the same form of expression on her pices regarding loving self and women's empowerment. Bea Swet, Ely Flores and Myself, Betrice Coleman-Sweet also blessed the mic with some poetic flow.


Later numerous speakers stood up and engaged in various dialogue from different topics of Racism, Sexism, Marriage Equality, Education, Social Injustice, and most importantly the Young people in the communities we serve. The attendees were from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Everyone engaged and shared his/hers views and opinions.

In between the speakers, Ely and Noe raffled off delightful gifts ranging from gift cards to an exquisite bottle of tequila with some very nice drinking glasses.

It was a night of enlightment and leading the path for the youth!

For more info on L.E.A.D, please go to