Sunday, January 23, 2011

Philanthropist Pamela "Brandy" Sanders receives "Citizen of The Year Award"

On Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at the $1,000,000.00 Birthday Extravaganza for David Harrison Levi located at The Highlands in the heart of Hollywood, Pamela "Brandy" Sanders was awarded "The Citizen of The Year Award." for the extraordinary hard work with The Kierrah Foundation.  The award was presented by Mr. Harrison- Levi himself . It was a heart felt, moving moment as Brandy held on to a picture of her late great husband Stanley "Unc" Sanders . These two humble leaders founded The Kierrah Foundation in 2004 which provides support to women who have aged out of the foster care system and their children.
This was such a well deserved award for such a phenomenal woman and her mission to uplift so many women who are often forgotten about. Brandy took the microphone and spoke of her and her husband's vision that turned into reality and is bringing forth notoriety and awareness. She says she will continue to carry the torch for her husband as she carries on with their purpose.
Brandy Sanders with Kierrah Star Models Myesha Lomack, Jasmine Finely

Brandy called some of her girls, whom she calls her Kierrah Star Models onto the stage. these young ladies in fact were models in the Fashionation Fashion show that took place as part of the Birthday Celebration.
Myesha Lomack is a Kierrah Girl who will soon be graduating from culinary arts school with high honors. Jasmine Finely is one of Brandy's eldest girls, is a professional model and is starting her own non-profit organization. Tiffany Davis was not only there to model and join in the festivities but she was also in attendance celbrating her birthday as well.
Brandy Sanders, Artist Treluv Gilroy and Kierrah Star Model/Bday Girl Tiffany Davis

It was also a special occasion for Tuesday Conner and husband Eugene Sydney, designers of the Sydney Collection as they were presented with "The Designer of the Year" Award from David Harrison Levi. Tuesday and Eugene have been angels to the young women of The Kierrah Foundation. The girls have had an opportunity to grace many runways throughout Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Tuesday Conner and Eugene Sydney of the Sydney Collection receive "Designer of the Year" Award

Brandy was all smiles and said "Stan would be so happy".  Stan;s Legacy lives on through the strength and perseverance of his Queen, Brandy Sanders.

To find out more info or to contribute to the Kierrah Foundation, please go to

Superstar Javelyn and mega Producer Vairon Perez Receive Pink Ribbon from Philanthropist David Harrison Levi

It was definitely a night to remember. There were over 1500 people that flooded the Highlands in Hollywood  to celebrate the Birthday of Legendary Starmaker/Philanthropist David Harrison Levi's Birthday. David gave appreciation and honor to many as he himself was honored on this fabulous night.
As the night was winding down, David called Indie/Pop Superstar Javelyn and mega producer Vairon Perez onto the stage. As he held their hands, he announced that he was going to give them pink ribbons in honor of their recently lost loved ones to cancer. David is recognized as a strong advocate for cancer awareness. It was a heartfelt moment as he passed the microphone to both Javelyn and Vairon as they shared their stories on how this horrendous disease affected them.

Earlier in the evening, Javelyn and Vairon both  took advantage of the runway in modeling some hot designs under the direction of "Hollywood's Notorious Fashion Coordinator", Parris Harris.

This was a profound way to conclude such an extravagant night.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Superstar Javelyn dazzles at Golden Globe Affairs

Pop/Indie Superstar Queen, Javelyn brought her positive energy, love and peace on January 16, 2011 for the Golden Globes. Javelyn along with mega producer Vairon Perez attended Publicist Charmaine Blake's 1st Annual  Golden Globes viewing party hosted by Tara Reid at the Jon Levitz Comedy Club at Universal City walk.

Photo by: Parris Harris

This dynamic duo dazzled the red carpet and shined as they gave interviews to Hollywood TV, Splash News and other media outlets.

Later Javelyn was joined by A&R Director of Xit Rite Records, Jason Chase at F.A.M.E's 68th Annual Golden Globes after party at Boudoir at Coco de Ville in WeHO. The spotlight was on her not just on the red carpet but inside of the venue as well.

Photo by: Parris Harris

Dressed and Styled by the infamous Parris Harris, these superstars were definitely dressed to impress.

Javelyn graced the cameras with her gorgeous smile and big heart!!! There is a lot of buzz growing around Javelyn's Latest Project, her album "To Kona With Love."  Specifically for Grammy season.

There is a lot more coming from this 3 time Rocky Award winner!!

For more info on Javelyn, go to her website

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Laughter, We missed you.......

The man with the gift of laughter is back. Ricky Del Rosario is back in full effect and this time he is not stopping. He has taken off and putting smiles on millions of faces of all different races and ages. With all the laughter comes celebration. He is doing it big with the release of his new DVD entitled “I missed you…”  and performance at Matt Barnes NBA All Star Weekend After Party. In this interview, Ricky talks about his  years of comedy, what he has learned, what he has accomplished and where he is going!!!!

Where are you from?
I am originally from Seaside, CA. A lot of people do not know where it’s located. It is located in Central, CA. next to Monterey. It is a small city with a population of approximately 30,000 people. It is different from the Monterey area which is more upper class and wealthy. Seaside is more of a diverse neighborhood. We have African Americans, Latin Americans and Asians, whereas, Monterey and the surrounding cities are mostly Caucasian.

You have lived in Seaside all your life?
Well I stayed there a lot when I was a kid. I began to bounce back and forth from Seaside to San Diego. I spent most of my time in Seaside.

So how did you stumble upon the world of comedy?
(Laughs) The whole household was filled with comedy. We had a 3 bedroom home and depending on who was staying with us, we would have from 8 to 14 people staying with us at one time. It was a crowded house for sure and everyone had his/her own character.  You hear Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock talk about getting their inspiration from their families that is definitely where I get my inspiration. I also got some inspiration from hanging out in the neighborhood with all the people playing basketball, being in the street and getting into a lot of trouble. That is where I get some of the comedy from.

Were you a class clown?
Oh yeah, I was a class clown in elementary, junior high and in high school. I got in trouble with a lot of my clowning like sneaking under the teacher’s desk while he had his back turned writing on the chalkboard and jump up and start imitating him and sneak back under the desk and go back to my desk before he turned around. One time, the teacher caught me and he leaned back in his desk and made me hit my forehead. 

When did you know that you wanted to do something with your gift of laughter?
I always knew. I watched a lot of comedy growing up. I always knew there was a big difference between being in the street and making people laugh as opposed to going on stage and doing it. You are going to have a diverse crowd on stage, sometimes the people don’t know who you are so they are not going to laugh as easily. Everyone began to tell me, “You need to do comedy, you need to do comedy!” In college, I saw a flyer for an open mic and so I went for it. I actually had a lot of friends in the audience that night so that is why they laughed but I really think I sucked. As far as picking a joke and constructing it, format it to paint a picture and something to have people to listen to. I don’t think I did that correctly the first few times. I really love being on stage and entertaining people so I got stoked after that. 

Who inspires you? Who do you look up to in the comedy world?
I was kind of labeled as an urban comedian back in the 90’s. A lot of times it was because I was doing comedy about where and how I grew up. Now my comedy has kind of changed where I can fit any genre and look at different inspiration. Back then, it was Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor and people like that. Now my comedy is a little more well rounded, so I can look at people like Louis C.K, he can write a whole entire hour set in like a few weeks. Other comedians like Tosh Burress from the series Tosh.O, he is real funny too. The one who really cracks me up most of the time is Mike Epps. A lot of times you can watch Mike Epps and he doesn’t specifically have a hard hitting punch line but his animation, the way he smiles and the way he can tell a joke is awesome.  Kevin Heart and Eddie Murphy does as well. That is the type of comedy that my comedy is based on.  However, I do not want to be labeled as an Urban Comedian. Then you kind of get Pigeon holed as a certain type of comedian. I pretty much can do any type of comedy.

I here you have a new DVD coming out entitled “I missed you…”. Tell me about it
Yes it is a comeback DVD. I have been out of the game for about 9 or 10 years. I wasn’t totally out of it. I continued to write and do little things here and there. But, I was out of the spotlight doing comedy. The DVD is kind of a collaboration of a few things that I have done mixed in with some street antics mixed in with some interviews. I wanted to do a DVD that didn’t have straight stand up for about an hour. After watching somebody for an hour gets boring with the same visual and look. I wanted to make this kind of stimulate the mind with the way the world works today with all the electronics. I want to keep their attention span. It’s weird that I completed this DVD back in July. From July until now, I have a bunch of new material. I am almost ready for DVD # 2. 

You said that you were out of the spotlight for about 9 or 10 years, was there a reason behind that or did you just want to take a break?
Well what happened was, I was down in LA and I had a real “high-powered” manager, she managed a lot of big names and a lot of big names in comedy. I was in a lot of interviews with heads of major networks. This lady was really hard on me and she pushed me, not in a good way.  She had a negative personality and I came to a point where I wanted to take a break. I intended on taking a few months from comedy to regroup and things like that. It ended up being 10 years but within those 10 years, I started two businesses, I became a professional kick boxer, I wrote a children’s book, I had two kids, got married and a bunch of other stuff. So, I lived life but I always missed being on stage and doing comedy. 

Can you talk about your other passions besides comedy?
I really like spending time with my family. I have 2 daughters and I talk about them in my routine a lot. I also train professional fighters.  I am very athletic; I play a lot of sports like basketball and golf. I actually still have businesses that I run. When I am doing comedy, I have people who will come in and take over while I am out performing and doing what I have to do. I am the type of person that lives life where later I would not have any regrets while I am young. You know my back may go out any day, so I might as well do all that I can.

What are some of the changes that you see in the world of comedy over the years? Do you see comedy going into a more positive light?
I think comedy has evolved. If you look at comedians back in the 80’s and early 90’s, you have  some comedians do now what they did back then but now it is really not that funny anymore. I think a lot of people are straying away from ignorant comedy and going towards the more well rounded comedy. It doesn’t have to be just political or it doesn’t have to be awe-inspiring inspirational and the comedians that go around cussing all the time are not funny anymore and that is my personal opinion.  Back in the day when I use to do comedy I was little more not as well rounded so I try to hit all aspects. I try to hit every kind of personality of everyone that is watching me. I love it when 60, 70, 80 and 90 year olds come up to me and say “I love my show.” I think that is the most inspiring thing for me when I can hit a whole new generation. There is always going to be the story telling comedians, there is always going to be the ghetto comedians and there is always going to be the preppy comedians but honestly, whatever makes you laugh, you have done your job.

What makes you stand out from other comedians?
I think what sets me a part is that I take on characters. The first thing I ask the venue when I do comedy is how big the stage is. I literally will work the entire stage, front to back, side to side, it does not matter, I will use the whole entire stage. I lay on the stage and run across the stage. I use characters that will take up the whole stage. I don’t want to be that stand up comedian that never moves. When there is a big stage, I feel at home. I am very active. I am not a person that sweats but a few minutes on stage and I am sweating. I get a good work out up there. I am not just standing up there telling jokes but I am trying to give you a good visual on what is going on in my head. 

What’s next for you?
We have the DVD going. I will be performing at Matt Barnes 2011 NBA All Star Weekend After Party. That will be a great event. There will be a lot of celebrities there. I am working with Luenell on some things. I am just trying to get out there make people laugh and see where it takes me. Hopefully, I will make people happy. I know I can’t make everybody happy .I am hoping to put a smile on a few faces. 

Do you have any advice for any up and coming comedians?
You have to practice that’s for sure. There are a lot of comedians that are not good writers but they can do great physical comedy and vice versa. I think the hardest thing for me when I came back, was for me to think I would actually be at the exact same place that I was in 10 years ago. I went on the stage at a comedy club in the bay area and I ate it. I said to myself, maybe I should not come into comedy. I continued to go at it at different venues and got better and better. It is that way with any talent, if you don’t practice and try to perfect it, it will not work. So, I say Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

Any final thoughts?
I just like being on stage and making people laugh. I don’t want to be like one of those American Idol contestants that go out there and says “I am the best singer in the world” and go out on stage and sound like a frog. I want to be one of those contestants that Wows the judges and the crowd. I have a lot of work to go. I think as a comedian I can never say that I am the best. I think there is always room for improvement so I just stay humble and learn. I see a lot of the comedians who are incredible but don’t have the venue to be seen or have the right people behind them. 

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Phenomenal Superwoman

She is a Mother, Wife, Celebrity Stuntwoman, Actress, Philanthropist and Mentor. April Weeden-Washington embodies all of these titles and then some proudly. Although, April stands in the spotlight she also makes sure she shines that spotlight on over 100 men, women and children whom she mentors.  On Sunday, January 9, 2011, it was about the women. It was a lovely, inspiring and emotional afternoon at April's ranch home, as 9 women shared their stories about how powerful of an impact that this amazingly influential woman has changed their lives. In their own words, here is what these extraordinary women had to say:

Lacia Cox (20)-" April has impacted my life by telling me not to give up especially because I am young and have a child. She always tells me to stay positive and put 110% in everything I do. . She has helped my career in modeling and acting. I am also in school for nursing and she encouraged me to get a new car."
Shelevea Rias (16)- "April is always giving advice. I need anything I know I can go to her."There was a point when Shelevea was having a big struggle in school. She was actually failing in a lot of her classes. April stepped in and went down to Shelevea's school and spoke with her teachers and counselors. With April's strong mentorship and caring soul, Shelevea has gone from F's to A's. Shelevea is a young aspiring fashion designer. April says "Shelevea is very talented. I love her work."

Mikhail Morgan (17)- " April is always positive. She gives good advice. She always tells me that I can do whatever I wanted to do. she is always there to help me out if I needed anything."Mikhail will be starting college soon and her goal is to become a Psychologist.

Kyshawn Cousins- "  April influenced me to get out and get a job. She taught me to stay positive, to go for anything I want and be professional with people. Whenever I am going through something, I can always call her."April introduced Kryshawn to the stunt industry. She has since been on several movie and commercial sets.

Monique Erica Moore- " April continues to impact my life by giving me advice. She tells me that anything negative is not needed. She tells me to continue to pray because the Lord answers prayers and anything I want to achieve I can do it. She is always there to talk."
Toni Gooden(17)- "April has inspired me to go after whatever I want. April is an excellent role model."Toni is currently a freshman the prestigious HBCU, Spelman University.

Natascha Hopkins-  " April influences on me personally, spiritually and professional  levels. She says she is like a mom to me but I think she is more like an older sister. She has been there in every way. I feel honored that she has been in my life the way she has. She is encouraging, optimistic and guiding in this industry. When she mentors someone, she puts their needs before hers. She is a legacy to people in and out of the stunt community. She is a wife and mother. I want to walk in her footsteps. She inspires people to maintain balance."
April's good friend and colleague, Choreographer/Manager/Stuntwoman Carla Earle was there for support and she too has been mentored by April. In return, Carla has been a mentor to April. They share a strong unbreakable bond.  April began mentoring Carla at a time when there was hardly any light-skinned Black stunt women in the industry. She encouraged Carla to be apart of the unspoken and often unseen community. Carla says "It is our duty to give back what is given to us. It's all about love. It is important for me to give back in all aspects of my life."
Comedienne Jaylynn Bishop, another close friend of April's was in attendance to lend some great advice, as well some some laughs,  to these women as well as give her testimony about the power of prayer.

With her pride and joy,April's daughter Kiera was looking on with the utmost gratitude and appreciation as her mother graced everyone with some priceless knowledge. When asked what inspires her and why is she such a phenomenal mentor, she says "It comes naturally. God gave me the gift of  knowing what those I mentor need to do for their lives and giving them the advice that they need. My mother always surrounded me with positive women role models. I try to be the same way. It is important. You don't know whose life you may impact. It is important to give back."

April Weeden-Washington is a superwoman with a super heart. True definition of a great leader!

From Left To Right:(Top Row)   Lacia Cox, Shelevea Rias, Natascha Hopkins, Mikhail Morgan, Toni Goodman, Jaylynn Bishop, Monique Moore, Carla Earle (Bottom Row) Kiera Washington, April Weeden-Washington, Kryshawn cousins Photo by: Billy Washington

Monday, January 10, 2011

Comedy powerhouse Ricky Del Rosario to release DVD Ricky Del Rosario “I missed you…” on Saturday, February 19th @ The LA Athletic Club

In Assn. with SCAL Coalition
Urban comedian Ricky Del Rosario to release
DVD Ricky Del Rosario “I missed you…” on Saturday, February 19th @ The LA Athletic Club
The comedian from the Bay area will join LA Lakers’ superstar Matt Barnes and entertainment personalities Claudia Jordan, Nautica De la Cruz, Marva King and a host of celebrities at the NBA All Star Weekend Party presented by the SCAL Coalition
Los Angeles, California, January 2011 – Comedian Ricky Del Rosario born and raised in Seaside California returns to the stage after a 10 year hiatus from comedy. Now, refueled and recharged with brand new material and a new DVD, Ricky Del Rosario is ready to re-claim his status as one of  America’s “top fifteen urban comics in the country “ as once voted by HBO. His new DVD entitled Ricky Del Rosario “I missed you…” is charged with Ricky’s antics and great talent to do wonderful impersonations of  prominent characters from the world of entertainment, sports, politics and people he meets in everyday life. This physical ability to manipulate his body and facial expressions; and to demonstrate his vocal versatility is what sets him apart from delivering a mere joke. Ricky goes way beyond the punch line, taking comedy to extreme levels literally “putting his foot into it,” evoking mad laugher from his audience.

Ricky Del Rosario

Matt Barnes

On Saturday, February 19th, at the LA Athletic Club located at 431 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, 90071, Ricky Del Rosario will have the privilege of joining the best in sports and entertainment to present his new DVD, Ricky Del Rosario “I missed you..” at the red carpet VIP All Star Weekend Party, hosted by Lakers superstar Matt Barnes. This mega event is produced by The SCAL Coalition comprised of event promoters (Pernell Clark, DeShawn Cabeza, Kevin Rouse, Dantae Dupree, Patrick Smith, Lennell Jones, Ohio Cameron, Craig Ufondu, Dania Scott and Brandi White) who represent all points of Southern California (Los Angeles, the Inland Empire and San Diego).  Together, their promotional team effort is expected to draw one thousand party goers from all parts of the world as they convene in LA for All Stars Weekend games.

Ricky will perform at 9:00PM to an anticipated packed house. VIP celebrity hosts include:
Lakers’ forward Matt Barnes, model/actress Claudia Jordan, KJLH radio personality Nautica De La Cruz and Pop/R&B singer Marva King. Noted industry personalities co-hosting include Eric Johnson, Nikida White and Lane Cooper. Music provided by DJ Sidekick and DJ Sidney Thompson. Confirmed celebrities also include, comedienne Luenell, comedienne Annie McKnight, music video siren and BET host Porscha Coleman, Italian/Filipino model
Donna Rowe, comedy manager Eddie Griffin and many others.

For a sneak peek at Ricky Del RosarioI missed you” and biographical information, log on to

 For a look at Lakers forward Matt Barnes, log on to

For tickets  to VIP All Star Weekend Party Los Angeles 2011 contact: DeShawn Cabeza 323.806.1977.  

For all media inquires only on Ricky Del Rosario, interview requests and media clearance to the VIP All Star Weekend Party contact:  Eugenia Wright, Pres. of ISA Public Relations  or 818.552.9459


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Isa Hall Voice Over Actor

Photo Credit: Donald Carraway

Voice over Actor Isa Hall, looks forward to great prospects for 2011.  His voice can be heard in the upcoming Jim Carey film “I Love You Phillip Morris.”  As the son of voice over legend J.D. Hall (who boasts over 200 acting credits), industry insiders have claimed that “Isa is a chip off the old block.”
With great looks standing at 6’5” Isa makes a statement wherever he goes.

While in college Isa Hall was a star basketball player and he continues to hoop it up in various basketball leagues. Isa also looks forward to NBA All-star weekend in February and will be attending many sports related events.

Isa has been in the entertainment game since he was 9 months old when he was chosen for a Pamper’s commercial.  His last commercial for Footlocker was a national phenom.  Combining his two passions, basketball and acting, Isa Hall is one happy “baller.”  Sounds like a perfect recipe!!!

If Isa’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he is the inspiration for ISA PR a boutique firm founded by his well-known mom, Eugenia Wright, former actress turned columnist/publicist.

ISA is signed to Pantheon Talent agency in Century City for representation. 
For all  media inquiries contact: Eugenia Wright @ ISA PR