Isa Hall Voice Over Actor

Photo Credit: Donald Carraway

Voice over Actor Isa Hall, looks forward to great prospects for 2011.  His voice can be heard in the upcoming Jim Carey film “I Love You Phillip Morris.”  As the son of voice over legend J.D. Hall (who boasts over 200 acting credits), industry insiders have claimed that “Isa is a chip off the old block.”
With great looks standing at 6’5” Isa makes a statement wherever he goes.

While in college Isa Hall was a star basketball player and he continues to hoop it up in various basketball leagues. Isa also looks forward to NBA All-star weekend in February and will be attending many sports related events.

Isa has been in the entertainment game since he was 9 months old when he was chosen for a Pamper’s commercial.  His last commercial for Footlocker was a national phenom.  Combining his two passions, basketball and acting, Isa Hall is one happy “baller.”  Sounds like a perfect recipe!!!

If Isa’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he is the inspiration for ISA PR a boutique firm founded by his well-known mom, Eugenia Wright, former actress turned columnist/publicist.

ISA is signed to Pantheon Talent agency in Century City for representation. 
For all  media inquiries contact: Eugenia Wright @ ISA PR


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