Comedy powerhouse Ricky Del Rosario to release DVD Ricky Del Rosario “I missed you…” on Saturday, February 19th @ The LA Athletic Club

In Assn. with SCAL Coalition
Urban comedian Ricky Del Rosario to release
DVD Ricky Del Rosario “I missed you…” on Saturday, February 19th @ The LA Athletic Club
The comedian from the Bay area will join LA Lakers’ superstar Matt Barnes and entertainment personalities Claudia Jordan, Nautica De la Cruz, Marva King and a host of celebrities at the NBA All Star Weekend Party presented by the SCAL Coalition
Los Angeles, California, January 2011 – Comedian Ricky Del Rosario born and raised in Seaside California returns to the stage after a 10 year hiatus from comedy. Now, refueled and recharged with brand new material and a new DVD, Ricky Del Rosario is ready to re-claim his status as one of  America’s “top fifteen urban comics in the country “ as once voted by HBO. His new DVD entitled Ricky Del Rosario “I missed you…” is charged with Ricky’s antics and great talent to do wonderful impersonations of  prominent characters from the world of entertainment, sports, politics and people he meets in everyday life. This physical ability to manipulate his body and facial expressions; and to demonstrate his vocal versatility is what sets him apart from delivering a mere joke. Ricky goes way beyond the punch line, taking comedy to extreme levels literally “putting his foot into it,” evoking mad laugher from his audience.

Ricky Del Rosario

Matt Barnes

On Saturday, February 19th, at the LA Athletic Club located at 431 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, 90071, Ricky Del Rosario will have the privilege of joining the best in sports and entertainment to present his new DVD, Ricky Del Rosario “I missed you..” at the red carpet VIP All Star Weekend Party, hosted by Lakers superstar Matt Barnes. This mega event is produced by The SCAL Coalition comprised of event promoters (Pernell Clark, DeShawn Cabeza, Kevin Rouse, Dantae Dupree, Patrick Smith, Lennell Jones, Ohio Cameron, Craig Ufondu, Dania Scott and Brandi White) who represent all points of Southern California (Los Angeles, the Inland Empire and San Diego).  Together, their promotional team effort is expected to draw one thousand party goers from all parts of the world as they convene in LA for All Stars Weekend games.

Ricky will perform at 9:00PM to an anticipated packed house. VIP celebrity hosts include:
Lakers’ forward Matt Barnes, model/actress Claudia Jordan, KJLH radio personality Nautica De La Cruz and Pop/R&B singer Marva King. Noted industry personalities co-hosting include Eric Johnson, Nikida White and Lane Cooper. Music provided by DJ Sidekick and DJ Sidney Thompson. Confirmed celebrities also include, comedienne Luenell, comedienne Annie McKnight, music video siren and BET host Porscha Coleman, Italian/Filipino model
Donna Rowe, comedy manager Eddie Griffin and many others.

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For tickets  to VIP All Star Weekend Party Los Angeles 2011 contact: DeShawn Cabeza 323.806.1977.  

For all media inquires only on Ricky Del Rosario, interview requests and media clearance to the VIP All Star Weekend Party contact:  Eugenia Wright, Pres. of ISA Public Relations  or 818.552.9459



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