Phenomenal Superwoman

She is a Mother, Wife, Celebrity Stuntwoman, Actress, Philanthropist and Mentor. April Weeden-Washington embodies all of these titles and then some proudly. Although, April stands in the spotlight she also makes sure she shines that spotlight on over 100 men, women and children whom she mentors.  On Sunday, January 9, 2011, it was about the women. It was a lovely, inspiring and emotional afternoon at April's ranch home, as 9 women shared their stories about how powerful of an impact that this amazingly influential woman has changed their lives. In their own words, here is what these extraordinary women had to say:

Lacia Cox (20)-" April has impacted my life by telling me not to give up especially because I am young and have a child. She always tells me to stay positive and put 110% in everything I do. . She has helped my career in modeling and acting. I am also in school for nursing and she encouraged me to get a new car."
Shelevea Rias (16)- "April is always giving advice. I need anything I know I can go to her."There was a point when Shelevea was having a big struggle in school. She was actually failing in a lot of her classes. April stepped in and went down to Shelevea's school and spoke with her teachers and counselors. With April's strong mentorship and caring soul, Shelevea has gone from F's to A's. Shelevea is a young aspiring fashion designer. April says "Shelevea is very talented. I love her work."

Mikhail Morgan (17)- " April is always positive. She gives good advice. She always tells me that I can do whatever I wanted to do. she is always there to help me out if I needed anything."Mikhail will be starting college soon and her goal is to become a Psychologist.

Kyshawn Cousins- "  April influenced me to get out and get a job. She taught me to stay positive, to go for anything I want and be professional with people. Whenever I am going through something, I can always call her."April introduced Kryshawn to the stunt industry. She has since been on several movie and commercial sets.

Monique Erica Moore- " April continues to impact my life by giving me advice. She tells me that anything negative is not needed. She tells me to continue to pray because the Lord answers prayers and anything I want to achieve I can do it. She is always there to talk."
Toni Gooden(17)- "April has inspired me to go after whatever I want. April is an excellent role model."Toni is currently a freshman the prestigious HBCU, Spelman University.

Natascha Hopkins-  " April influences on me personally, spiritually and professional  levels. She says she is like a mom to me but I think she is more like an older sister. She has been there in every way. I feel honored that she has been in my life the way she has. She is encouraging, optimistic and guiding in this industry. When she mentors someone, she puts their needs before hers. She is a legacy to people in and out of the stunt community. She is a wife and mother. I want to walk in her footsteps. She inspires people to maintain balance."
April's good friend and colleague, Choreographer/Manager/Stuntwoman Carla Earle was there for support and she too has been mentored by April. In return, Carla has been a mentor to April. They share a strong unbreakable bond.  April began mentoring Carla at a time when there was hardly any light-skinned Black stunt women in the industry. She encouraged Carla to be apart of the unspoken and often unseen community. Carla says "It is our duty to give back what is given to us. It's all about love. It is important for me to give back in all aspects of my life."
Comedienne Jaylynn Bishop, another close friend of April's was in attendance to lend some great advice, as well some some laughs,  to these women as well as give her testimony about the power of prayer.

With her pride and joy,April's daughter Kiera was looking on with the utmost gratitude and appreciation as her mother graced everyone with some priceless knowledge. When asked what inspires her and why is she such a phenomenal mentor, she says "It comes naturally. God gave me the gift of  knowing what those I mentor need to do for their lives and giving them the advice that they need. My mother always surrounded me with positive women role models. I try to be the same way. It is important. You don't know whose life you may impact. It is important to give back."

April Weeden-Washington is a superwoman with a super heart. True definition of a great leader!

From Left To Right:(Top Row)   Lacia Cox, Shelevea Rias, Natascha Hopkins, Mikhail Morgan, Toni Goodman, Jaylynn Bishop, Monique Moore, Carla Earle (Bottom Row) Kiera Washington, April Weeden-Washington, Kryshawn cousins Photo by: Billy Washington


  1. AWESOME!!!! 2011 Is starting off wonderfully. My Big Sister, from another mother. She has also inspired me to set goals and get rid of the negativity. Love you all. I can't wait to see what 2011 holds for us all. Were only 19 days in..

  2. Wonderful article, April is definitely a Phenomenal Superwoman! Loving, caring, talented, beautiful, inspirational and so much more! She deserves the best! I love you April!


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