Inside the Man of Steel: Interview with Xango Henry pt.2

In part 2 of this riveting interview with Actor/Personal Trainer/ Motivational Coach Xango Henry, he opens up about some of his "hidden" talents as well as give us some juicy details about some of his current projects including his new film the defiant one. He attributes his success to staying focused and so much more. He has a big heart especially for the young people. He may be the Man of Steel on the Outside however he is a giving man on the inside.


So let’s Talk about your new film “Chained”

We finished filming a couple of months ago. It is in the final editing stages. But excellent work with a strong cast. Some up and coming actors like myself. One of the producers is Kevin Seizmore the brother of Tom Seizmore. Chained is a rendition of the Movie "The Defiant One" with Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis. I was the only African American on the set. Without giving too much of the movie, it is about a black man and a white man chained together , they had to put aside the racism and the hatred for one another to be free. It’s a great movie. I consider it some of my finest work.

Are there any other projects that you are working on right now?

I will be leaving to work on a Mini Coop Commercial. There is also a national commercial that I am in right now for Dodge Mini Van. I am also working on a web series that is currently being filmed called the Journey. My character is Porn, which is in post production right now the director is Danielle Ross. There is “Average American Guy” which is a good one. It is about the movement of keeping movie making in L.A. and not going to other states. But the taxes here are sky high so people are taking the production of movies to other states where they can get all kind of tax breaks but the workers here loose out on jobs. I will soon be filming “The Price of Success” which will be opening up in Hong Kong first. The new international movie that is set to have a private screening with a Q&A session is “Nude Nuns with Big Guns” co-starring with Lindsay Lohan. It is similar to “Machete.” Nude Nuns with Big Guns was the talk of the Cannes Film Festival. It was picked up by 26 countries. I also recently finished filming a short film with Snoop Dogg , Award winning actor Jamie Foxx and Comedian Michael Coylar entitled “Malice in Wonderland”. (chuckles) I know I am leaving some out.
I did 11 feature films last year and 10 feature films this year.

How do you find balance with all your projects and businesses? Do you ever have time for Xango?

It is a matter of scheduling. I have to take personal time for me. I don’t make it, I have to take it. I am always working on scripts. I am writing a web series as well called “King Dracula.” It is dealing with a doctor whose name is Dr. Drac . He is a chemist and he uses a potion that he mixes up from the blood that he gets from the people that he bites. He uses that as a drug to take over the world and he coverts everybody into a vampire. So yes it is a juggling act. I have to get all of my dues that I have to pay out of the way. I want to create a clear passage to get bigger projects. Bigger Projects means more exposure, more exposure means more money. More money means security and the more secure I can be which means I can provide security for my children and to help others who need just a little boost. I will also be able to fund my children’s program. It is anti-gang, drug and violence program. That is “Xango”s Karate Kids and Parents Against Drugs.” We will use karate to keep children discipline against drugs, gangs and violence.

Are there any charities or non-profits that you are working with?

Whenever there is a charity event, specifically Cancer awareness event, I am there. I am currently working hands-on with 5 organizations. One is with Maria Shriver, she does a lot of cancer charities. David Harrison Levi, who lost his sister to cancer, he does a lot of cancer benefits and fundraisers. Whatever they have going on, I am there to support. I am there for those who suffer from cancer or who may have lost a love one from cancer. I am here to do whatever I can to help to give back that support.

So tell us something about Xango that we would not know just by ALL the wonderful things you are doing?

I can’t tell you all of it. I got some little things that I like. I like to go to the movies by myself. I have the choice of taking someone with me but it is usually my personal time. I even go to dinner by myself sometimes just to reflect and look around. I would not mind going to the beach but I just don’t take the time. I play a saxophone. I would like to take more time in learning how to read music. I can play by ear. I love playing “Greatest Love of All.” I also want to get my pop-lockin down. Some dudes come up to me like” Man, you are in your 40’s, what you know about pop-lockin. I reply, Man, you better get with it!!

Do hear I battles coming to the stage featuring Xango real soon?

Yeah, I will get out there and take my shirt off. After it is all said and done I will get out there and start rapping. (starts Freestylin) Trust me I am there !! People probably would not know that but I love it.

Is there any advice that you can give to young, up and coming African American males? Or even a message for young people period?

The key to success is focus. To be able to focus, you have to have a clear head. Having a clear head means you need to avoid being intoxicated. You are intoxicated when something takes you from your natural state. Toxins that you have taken in cause you to be intoxicated. Food can even be a toxin. I know some food is natural but once you eat certain foods your body has become toxic because now your body has to come out of its natural breathing state to process the food. Your body has to use more oxygen to break down these foods. It is way people fast. You may hear them say at the end that they have a clean body and a clear head. Nothing is there to block the transmission that you may receive from the universe. Focus comes fro clarity. If your desires are not interfered with then your willingness to achieve is elevated. You will have a will of iron. When your will is that strong then there is nothing that can stop you. You can absolutely call what you want into existence. Exercise those principles I shared with you. It takes a lot of patience. So you have to wait, you have to endure, you have to persevere and you have to keep pressing forward. If you focus, everything else will fall into place. Keep your eye on the prize.

Any Last words?

It is important to know where you are as an actor. It is good to understand the business aspect of Hollywood and having an open mind to all the diversity out here in California. It is very important to eat healthy. Avoid fried foods as much as possible. Eat more water based food. All of this deals with holistic living. In order for your thoughts to be of a holistic nature, you have to live as close to a holistic lifestyle as possible. Eating fast food all the time is not holistic. Whatever you want to do in life starts with yourself and you have to be happy with yourself. I am going to be doing some motivational workshops for actors, I don’t have an exact date when but it will be soon. It will allow actors to jump start their career the way that I have in such a way that they are doing over 22 films in less than a year and a half. Those that are striving to be actors should never think that if you cant do a major role then you are not acting or they will not do anything for free. If you have time, it is nothing wrong with it because it is going to help your career. If you are not acting then why not go act. It is good training. If you ae sitting around then you are not creating the energy. Energy creates energy. Sometimes you may do something for free and that person who hires you may refer you to someone that will pay you. You never stop with the flow. Thy will be done..Don’t stop!!!!



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