Celebration of Life For Stan Sanders: Pictures

I wanted to share these pics from the Celebration of Life for my Beloved Dear Friend, Stan Sanders.
On this day, there was so many "strange" occurrences that took place before the Celebration. It seemed as though the enemy was really working in attempting to not make this celebration take place. However, we knew that Stan was on our side and we had the power of God on our side so we refused to let it stop us.
Right at the exact moment when we began to hear the music of Dr. Rikki Byers Beckwith playing on the Piano harmoniously followed by the soothing hymns of legendary soul singer, Brenda Lee Eager, we knew that everything was going to be alright!
Rev. Dr. Bernard Beckwith walked in and everyone felt his spiritual presence. The program just had a gracious flow.
I had written a poem for Stan entitled " A Tribute to a Serving King" that is exactly what Stan was. Comedianne Luenell spoke about the love that Brandy and Stan shared. Famous writer, Daniela Ryan ,who is also the President of the Kierrah Foundation spoke about Stan so elequently.
Stan's Doctor, Dr.Benoit, whom he only had since September of last year, came to the celebration with his entire family. WOW!!! Stan must have really touched his life just as he has touched the lives of sooo many people. We Love you, Stan!!!


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