Corrective Knowledge

First, I would like to say that this video was really disturbing. I really cannot comprehend how the words "corrective" and "rape" coincide in the first place. There is absolutely nothing "corrective" about rape. There is nothing corrective about taking something valuable and precious without consent. Question "so these individuals decided to apply "corrective" means to correct the lifestyles of these women?? So who is going to enforce the "Corrective" punishment for these individuals??? Who is accountable for all of this?? Who decides who is accountable?? Although these "lynchings" are happening in South Africa, It is happening all around the globe!

This is another case of the oppressed oppressing the oppressed. It is very upsetting, very heartbreaking, very painful, and very WRONG!!!! Maybe that is the core of the issue. We, as a society/community have not been able to stop this vicious cycle of trying to correct each other, (especially if it is something that we do not agree with), instead of looking at ourselves. What is wrong with us? We fighting the fight continuously when we are only fighting ourselves. We bring forth struggle as we take advantage of our privileges and us them as a tool of destruction versus a path of hope. We can't lead the way until we see that the love of ourselves needs to overcome the greed for love . We cannot see ANYTHING clearly until we see ourselves clearly. Therefore, how can we teach when we don't comprehend the lesson. It is time to "Check Yourself"!!!


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