Space Invaders

A reflection of who we are
Is looking at the people that we choose to be in our "inner circle"
We choose these individuals-Family and Friends that we surround ourselves with
So maybe it's time to take a close look
If these individuals are negative, back stabbers, shady,drama queens, dishonest, deceitful, haters, angry and the list goes on and on. Then guess what you are bringing into your life just by "choosing" these people to invade your space. I know you may look at some of these people and say "How can I walk away? Or I know that he /she or they may be that way but one day they will see. See what??? That they are draining your energy, your life, YOU because they are not happy with theirs.
I am saying....Really think about it. Who is looking out for you? Who is helping you achieve your goals? Who has your back? When you are down who is there to lift you up???

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You can walk away one step at a time. With each small step backing away you are taking a huge step forward.

Surround yourself with people who share your common goals. The people who desires and aspires to be the best. Wait, don't do it unless you truly want the best for yourself. Sometimes it is tough getting out of a "comfort zone" (we will talk about that later) .

Surround yourself with love and positive energy!!!
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"I surround myself with people who celebrate me and who I am"- Bishop T.D. Jakes


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