The Memoirs of Madlyn F. Glover: A Love Romance with Ray Charles Robinson

LGBT Author & Publisher Azaan Kamau Does it again!

This is the first book that she has written with her Mother Madlyn...
The Memoirs of Madlyn F. Glover
A Love & Romance with Ray Charles Robinson
ISBN 978-0-578-06262-4

This one of a kind book is a vivid example of one woman's fight for the dignity that she felt she deserved.
This book is portrait of love, commitment, pride, sacrifice, and ultimately humility.

This heart felt book is packed with never before seen photographic images of Ray Charles Robinson, their romance and short life together. This book emphasizes the ups and the downs of being in and out of love. It shows the sacrifice of loving a genius, whose out of control addictions only brought pain and embarrassment.

It also speaks on the pain and frustration of the one you love, constantly loving someone else.
The racism of the 1950's was rampid!
Madlyn witnessed America's racist hatred first hand.
She fought against it,
then ultimately rose above it!

The Memoirs of Madlyn F. Glover A Love & Romance with Ray Charles Robinson!

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Images in this book have not been retouched or repaired.

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