Hatian actress/model Sandy Jean Philippe (plus size model) promotes healthy living with the help of Hollywood fitness wonder Xango Henry founder of Xango Fitness

Hatian actress/model Sandy Jean Philippe (plus size model) promotes healthy living with the help of Hollywood fitness wonder Xango Henry founder of Xango Fitness –

by Eugenia Wright aka Kleopatra Girl

Pretty Haitian model and actress Sandy Jean Philippe became known to millions as the grand winner on the E! reality show Bank of Hollywood produced by Ryan Seacrest. Endowed with a voluptuous body and beautiful curves Sandy is proud of her zaftig physique and created a touring fashion show for plus size models entitled “Evolution of Curves.” However, she wants to make it clear that she does not promote obesity. Sandy has always been active as a dancer and doing her workouts at the gym. Recently she has veered away from her regiments and wanted to get back on track. She has always realized the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and getting her body in the best possible to reduce any health risks later on in years such as high blood pressure or diabetes that often affects those who are over-weight, especially in the African-American community. Sandy wants to be a role model for others and let them know that loving your body is important regardless of the size and that means exercising, eating right, thinking healthy thoughts and working at it mentally and physically, for life.


To this end, Sandy recently called upon fitness guru and film star Xango Henry to help her get red carpet ready for a September 1st event. Xango is a motivator and go-getter, just the right prescription for Sandy’s lull and so they set a workout date in the charming setting of Leimert Park in Los Angeles that boasts a huge cascading fountain. There in an atmosphere of gentle breezes, warm sun and lots of trees; Xango developed a workout geared toward targeting Sandy’s problem areas (stomach, thighs, waist).

Xango loves to utilize parks and beaches and natural environments to refreshen and awaken the senses and offer stimulating and creative fun exercises to tone, lose inches and strengthen stamina. Many Hollywood stars are checking in with this life coach as an alternative to boring gyms where the atmosphere is infused with salty sweat.


Xango lives and walks according to his prescription. One look at Xango and you can easily see that he practices what he preaches. Some have called him the “He-man” of fitness. But don’t let this tough as nuts and bolts image fool you, Xango has the patience of a saint and exudes a caring and nurturing nature with his clients.

Xango has amassed a list of film credits and he knows that his body is his instrument as an actor. In his films he has used a wide array of fitness modalities from martial arts to boxing to weight lifting. He has worked also as a stuntman. He knows how to use his body at maximum levels and trains hard each and every day.

On the day that he trained Sandy Jean Philippe one of his newer fitness clients, actress and video vixen Suzette Tomlinson stopped by the park and Xango created a workout plan just for Suzette. All of his routines are tailor-made for each client.

As I watched, it seemed like so much fun, not like exercising at all. The right instructor in a breath-taking environment does wonders for the soul… and body too. I may look into a class or two with Xango. Ahhhhh, I can see and feel the new me in the near future.

Xango just completed filming "Chained" a film with a similar story line to "The Defiant Ones" which starred Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis. In "Chained" Xango Henry recreates the Poitier role. Inorder to accomplish working in the hot California desert sun chained to another human being, Xango demonstrated his tough fitness stamina.

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For a look at Xango Henry and Xango fitness log on to www.xangohenry.com



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