Gina Everett's Red Carpet Grand Opening


The Hair Doctor Celebrity Stylist Extraordinaire Gina Everett had a Star-Studded Red Carpet Grand Opening at her new location 360 Atelier in the heart of West Hollywood on Friday November 19, 2010.

There were tons of media everywhere
Celebrity guest to grace the red carpet include Esau Mcgraw, Tami "The Lyrical Boxer", Suzette Tomlinson, Tanya Kersey, Trueful, Isa Hall, Dyvne, Kali Muscle, Xango Henry, Donna Rowe, Irene Mama Stokes, Eugenia Wright, Playboy Model Josie Goldberg, Tisto, Ollie E. Brown, Annie Mcknight, Cat Poebe, Ultrame, and many others.

Check out the photos of this grand event:

Also check out my exclusive interview with The Fabulous Hair Doctor:


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