Celebrity Stuntwoman/Actress gives Teddy Bear Love for the Holidays

                                                              James Thomas and April Weeden-Washington 
Celebrity Stuntwoman/Actress/Singer April Weeden-Washington hosted a Teddy Bear Fundraiser for The Janice Denise Thomas Foundation on December 7, 2010 at Webber's Place in Reseda, CA. April's goal was to recieve 100 Teddy Bears for the children that the foundation serves. Ms. Washington is not only a Stuntwoman/Actress/Singer, she is also a philanthropist with a heart of gold.

The Janice Denise Thomas was established by her brother James Thomas. James was so moved by the amount of Teddy Bear's that were given. 

There was great food and a some live entertainment, with live band and singers. There was even some "bust your gut" comedy in the house which was hosted by Actor/ Comedian Evan Lionel. 

Check out pics from this night of celebration and giving!


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