Justin Time with Chuck

In just recently celebrating over 20 years of service in the beauty industry, the name Justin has been said millions upon billions of times over. That is exactly what owner of Just In Time Hair Salon , Charles “Chuck” Walker wanted.  Justin is Chuck’s son who he lost to Cancer when Justin was only 7 years old. Chuck fought, kept his faith and believed and through all the pain, hurt, and stress he is now an icon in this industry. Chuck opens up and shares his struggles, his family history, his secrets and even gives some helpful tips. It is a story of triumph that comes Just In Time!

Photo credit: Vinnie Ratclif
Where are you from?  When did you move to California?
I am from Arkansas and I moved to California in 1982

When did you get into the industry?
I was licensed when I at 13 years old.

How did you become interested in hair?
I had 5 older brothers who were barbers and my Dad was a barber in the Navy.

So when did you open your first shop?
I opened my first shop in 1990. Just In Time ! My shop is a tribute to my son that I lost to Cancer when he was just 7 years old. His name was Justin. He passed away in 1990. I opened up my shop the same year that he passed.

What is your motivation and your drive to continue to push forward in what you are doing?
Since I lost him, I managed to keep my faith and strength. My wife and I have managed to produce triplets.  Since I lost Justin, I was blessed 3 times over with triplets.

How old are your triplets?
They are 17 years old. 2 boys and a girl.

Do you have any celebrity clients? If so who are they?
I do.  Jon B, Eric Dickerson,  Stevie Wonder has been through, Meshach Taylor, Eric Lauderville,  Warren G, Isa Hall, VP Motown Exec Frank Wilson, NFL Derrick Harden just to name a few.

Do you have any words for any young men who are trying to get into the industry right now?
The first thing to do is go to school and get certified then you go and work under someone to learn the business. There is a big difference between being a businessman and being a hairstylist. Most people think they are the same. There are 2 separate entities to the business.  If you are going to open up a shop, you need to know both.  If you are not established, I would not recommend you open a shop right now unless you have awfully strong finances. The economy is struggling so bad right now.

Do you have a specialty that makes you stand out?
My Shop is a family shop. We are open 7 days a week.  That gives us an ability to provide service when other people cannot.  It makes a big difference. Our doors are always open. We serve men, women and children.  We serve all nationalities. We do not discriminate.

So you do accept walk-ins right?
Yes we do accept walk ins

 What else are you into besides hair?
I do distribution of products as well. I work with health care products. I feel that the hair can’t look and feel as healthy if the body is not healthy. I recommend health care products and hair care products to compliment our services.  They intertwine with each other.

 Can you recommend some products both hair and health for me and the readers to use?
I have a product from a manufacturer called “Nioxant.”  It is a non-discriminating across the board shampoo and conditioner. All nationalities can use this product.  If you use this product, it is impossible for you to have a dandruff problem. This product is designed to grow your hair. It is the most amazing product that I have experienced. It actually saved my business at one point.  It can be used on your entire body and not just your hair.  It will give you a lifestyle that you have never had before. It is designed to detox your skin.  If you wash your face with it, it will provide you with a mini facial.  It goes into the follicles and pores and lifts out all toxins.  It is an amazing product because it is the only one out there that does what it does.
It can also be used for a full body massage. You have to actually experience it to believe it.  It has really embraced and changed people’s lives.

How long have you been distributing and using this product?
About 6 years

Can you discuss the importance of being a family man?
I currently have 2 nephews who work with me in the shop. I am the youngest of 10 kids. My mom passed in 93 and my Dad passed in 99. I had one sister and six brothers who all have been in the beauty industry at one point.  The main reason why I wanted to open this business is so that Justin will not be forgotten.  I wanted his name called billions and billions of times, so I have to come up with a concept or an idea to make that happen.  That is the type of relationship I had with him. I did not take it lightly and through my attitude and disposition, I was blessed with triplets. At one point, I wanted to run, I wanted to give up but at the end of the day I realized there was no place to go.

What is an affirmation that you live by everyday?
Keep my businesses going and that I can take care of my family.

How do you maintain such positive energy?
I think hair salons and barber shops are the cornerstone of the community.  They are places where people can go , relax, be  and express themselves regardless of what lifestyle they lead and not be judged.  They all have this one common denominator.  I think that is very important for people to know and understand.  If there are not barber shops and hair salons, then there is not a meeting place specifically in the black community.


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