Dvyne Flawless Cosmetics Experience


It was a sunny day in Burbank, California and I was invited over to meet R&B Songstress/Actress Dvyne at her gorgeous home to have a power meeting. Little did I know that this beautiful Diva also had an amazing cosmetic line; Dvyne Flawless Cosmetics. Not only did I become aware but I soon became engulfed in the Dvyne Flawless Cosmetics Experience. Trust me ladies... It was AWESOME!!!

But before I talk about going from drab to fab, let me tell you some background on this hot, glamorous make-up.

Dvyne Kirkendall AKA Dvyne has always had a very intriguing interest in fashion and makeup. At a very young age, Dvyne began to get key lessons in make-up by her Godmother, Elouise Jackson. Dvyne soon became an expert at blending and customizing all make-up including foundations, powders and colors to each client. In 2001, Dvyne started "Dvyne Flawless Cosmestics" in her home town of Oakland, CA. She joined forces with her Mother, Barbara Whitfield, and bought a salon. She was open for business, starting out with a bang! Dvyne was featured in several newspapers such as the Oakland Tribune, San Francisco Chronicles and L.A. Times. She received many praises about the quality of her products, specifically how her make up is tailored to each individual. Race or skin types are not factors.  Dvyne says, " It is on hands blending. I blend each skin tone." She custom blends for a natural look. What makes Dyne Flawless Cosmetics even more extraordinary is that it has no chemicals, however, is filled with essential vitamins such as Vitamin A & E. Dvyne made sure she took the time and hand picked the experts who made her line absolutely exceptional!

Now in the city of lights, camera, action, with her career rising to the top, this superstar is bringing Dvyne Flawless Cosmetics back to the scene!

So back to me! (Smile) I felt like I was having a spa day! I sat in her chair, she took a look at my skin and performed an assessment. She did not just go and mix something up, she actually took the time and explained the base as well as what she was going to add. She explained in depth the key ingredients and why these ingredients were essential for my skin. Once she finished mixing the foundation, she began to apply it on one side of my face then showed me the difference between each side in the mirror. I was highly impressed with how natural the foundation looked and felt. It was very moisturizing.  Dvyne applied the foundation all over. In during so, she gave precise instructions on how to apply all the make up. She also provided some sexy eyelashes. She gave some key tips about applying and maintaining them. She gave my eyebrows an elegant shape as well.  What could I even say about my eye make-up! "Wow!!!!" is what comes to mind.  I was feeling like a VIP . I know she treats all her clients the same way.  It was a definite self-esteem booster. I felt and looked like a million bucks when I left and was educated in the process!

I recommend that you get in contact with Dvyne for a consultation. She has a wide range of colors, products and even specialized kits for individuals and make-up artists.  She is available for travel and special events. You can get more info on Dvyne on her website http://www.sheisdvyne.com or email her at dvyne28@gmail.com.

You will not be disappointed. Take and share your Dvyne Flawless Cosmetics Experience!!!


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