OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES: Nu Skool Sings Old School

Photos By: Donald Carraway

The kids set the stage a blaze with stellar performances at the unforgettable red carpet event "Healing Through Music: "Nu Skool sings Old School" on Saturday March 5, 2011 at the Celebrity Centre, Garden Pavilion in Hollywood, CA. This Ground Breaking series is presented by Kierrah Events and Velvet Ropes ENT in benefit for The Kierrah Foundation which assist transitional aged women and their children from the foster care system. The Kierrah Foundation was founded by Pamela "Brandy" Sanders and her husband Stan "Unc" Sanders in 2004. Stan Sanders passed on February 7, 2009, Brandy keeps his legacy alive in running the Kierrah Foundation.

Hosted by Superstar Diva BFFs Actresses Parker Mckenna Posey (My Wife and Kids) and Paige Hurd (Everybody Hates Chris). The cutest Welcome Host ever was 5 year old Tamea Sayles.

Nu Skool sings Old School was an event unlike any other. Filled with the rising stars of today and the brightest stars of tomorrow, these young people wowed the audience with their amazing melodies of yesterday's hits. The show gracefully opened with an heart stopping performance by young contortionist Mako Veronica who traveled all the way from Norway and exhibited beautiful acrobatics to the legendary song "Rise" by Herb Alpert .

The audience sat with anticipation as these young superstars exceled with amazement. One by one these young babes took the stage and gave their all in singing some great music. Young singer Chris Lyric, in just breaking his leg the night before, made it up on stage and began to sing soulfully Donnie Hathaway's "Song for You" in special dedication to Brandy Sanders. Brandy took the stage with tears rolling down her face and said," The Morning that my husband passed he dedicated this song to me." Celebrity actress/Singer 9 year Tina Turner...OOOPs I mean Lil Nay Nay performed "Proud Mary" with her back ground dancers taking all the way back to Nutbush!
Prior to opening his song, Young Sage Ryan took the stage with his guitar singing" Simple Song of Freedom" said this song is for unnecessary wars happening everywhere.
Young Singing Sensations and Grandsons of Legendary Singer/Songwriter Brenda Lee Eager, The Simmonds Brothers harmoniously blew The Jackson Five's "I'll Be There". Miss Ayanna Stokes gave the crowd "No one in the World" by Anita Baker. Pop/R&B Group Misha Rose did their rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and broke it down. Sadie Diamond Way was "Walking on Sunshine" skipping across the stage like a beautiful daisy. Lovely young Amber Barbell sung Michael Jackson's "Who's Loving You."hitting all those powerful notes. Tender Miss Sophie Patterson harmonized classical Barbara Streisand's "Don't Rain on My Parade."  The youngest performer, adorable 7 year old little Juliana "Sugar" Pincus sang her little heart out with "I Feel the Earth Move." Darcy Stone's crooned her rendition of Chaka Khan's "My Funny Valentine"very beautifully. So did young Miss Darla Beaux singing the classic song "At Last" by Etta James.
Jesreal "Jesse " Alford ever to softly with her mighty voice sang "So Amazing" by Luther Vandross. Thandiwe Kara Durdin-James proclaimed "Out Here on My Own" by Irene Cara dressed in her amazing 80's gear. Looking like a young Bette Midler, Madisen Carter owned the stage with "Wind Beneath My Wings." Olivia Lauletta sang out loud so wonderfully " Don't Cry Out Loud" by Melissa Manchester.
Here is the complete list of all the songs these young people performed so eloquently with Old School in their new school souls.

Amber Barbell - "Who's Loving You" - Michael Jackson

Juliana "Sugar" Pincus - "I Feel the Earth Move" - Carole King

Sage Ryan - "A Simple Song of Freedom" - Bobby Darrin

Sadie Diamond Way - "Walking on Sunshine" - Katrina and the Waves

Madisen Carter - "Wind Beneath My Wing" - Bette Midler

Thandiwe Kara Durdin-James - "Out Here On My Own" - Irene Cara

Lil Nay Nay - "Pride Mary" - Tina Turner

The Simmonds Brothers - "I'll Be There" - Jackson 5

Darla Beaux - "At Last" - Etta James

Chris Lyric - "A Song for You' - Donny Hathaway

Misha Rose - "Superstition" - Stevie Wonder

Jesreal "Jessie" Alford - "So Amazing" - Luther Vandross

Olivia Lauletta "Don't Cry Out Loud" - Melissa Manchester

Sophie Patterson "Don't Rain on My Parade"-Sophie Patterson

Darcy Stone "My Funny Valentine"-Chaka Khan

Ayanna Stokes "No one in the World"- Anita Baker

These legends would be so proud to here their songs resonated with such greatness as these beautiful young people displayed. It was heartwarming and refreshing.

"Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez needed to be here to see this, " exclaimed Brandy Sanders. The afternoon was indescribable of the level of talent these young people posses. Monique Kirby, Mother of Lil Nay Nay stated "We need to take a show like this to the Staple Center. These kids have it!"

Celebrity guests in attendance included Luenell, Dyvne, David Harrison Levi, Brenda Lee Eager, April Weeden Washington, Kierra Washington, Arnae Batson, DC Pincus, Carla Earle, Warren McCrae, Terrah Bennett-Smith, Papa Joe Aviance and more.

Giving, Caring, Sharing, Loving and Listening to the babes!

Parker Mckenna Posey, Brandy Sanders & Paige Hurd (Photo By:Donald Carraway)
Misha Rose (Photo By Warren McCrae)
Juliana "Sugar" Pincus (Photo By Donald Carraway)
Darla Beaux (Photo by: Donald Carraway)
Mako Veronica (Photo by John Boylan)
Jesreal "Jessie" Alford (Photo by: Donald Carraway)
Jessie Alford, Arnae Batson, Thandiwe Kara Durdin-James (Photo by: Donald Carraway)
Lil Nay Nay & Dancers, Luenell, Chris Lyric, Amber Barbell, Jessie Alford (Photo by: Donald Carraway)
Olivia Lauletta (Photo by: Donald Carraway)
Chris Lyric (Photo by: Donald Carraway)
The Simmonds Brothers (Photo by Donald Carraway)
Sage Ryan (Photo by; Donald Carraway)
Darcy Stone (Photo by: Donald Carraway)

Madisen Carter (Photo by: Donald Carraway)

Sophie Patterson (Photo by John Boylan)
Misha Rose (Photo by Donald Carraway)


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