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Over the past two weekends, something phenomenal has been taking place in local markets in South Los Angeles. Community Market Conversion (CMC), which is a program through the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles, has hosted a series of Health & Wellness Events.  On Saturday, November 19, 2011, I had the privilege of not only attending but volunteering at the event held at local store Money Saver's Meats.

Money Saver's Meats is well known in the community for having the best Chicken links in South LA as well as having organic vegetables, fresh meat and herbs. It is owned by Los Angeles Native, Ozabe Banks. It is located at 3233 W. Florence Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90043.

Filled with great food, music, face painting by the amazing Kai Sapp, nutritional information, resources, and vendors such as Youth Justice Coalition, this event was absolutely exceptional.  The wealth did  not  cease with that, there were also superb cooking demonstrations by local non-profit Community Services Unlimited as well as Health California, who also provided some healthy cookbooks and calorie tips.

This insightful afternoon had a substantial bonus in having Educator Eleanor Brownn enage in an open discussion entitled " It's Not What You Eat, But What's Eating You."  Eleanor Brownn opened and shared her own personal struggle with her weight. She is an expert on women, mature health and cultural competence. She is also an author and motivational speaker. Ms. Brownn is the founder of Life-Long, a health initiative for midlife African American working women, and the annual Sisters Staying Healthy Conference. In her workshop, Ms. Brownn discussed how to identify "Trigger Foods " and "Trigger Moods" stating that we have to be in tune with what we are eating and what our moods are when we are eating. Identifying these triggers and having control is essential to living healthy.

 The CMC pilot program will transform 4 corner stores in South Los Angeles through a community guided process.

To find out more  about Community Market Conversion, please visit their website at or email Clare Fox at

Analena Hope all smiles at the CMC info table

CMC is adding enrichment to our wealthy community! Get Involved!


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