Can God's Love Reach You in The Dark?...Absolutely!

On December 3, 2011, in honor of World Aids Day, B.L.A.C. Male Productions presented a riveting play entitled "Can God's Love Reach You in the Dark." What better place to host such an experience but in the house of God at Grace United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, CA. If I could give it a grade it would definitely be an "E" for exceptional, engaging, exigent, enlightening and embracing.

Can God's Love Reach You in Dark touched on very sensitive yet extremely significant topics that still remains suppressed specifically within the African American community. Exploring the connections of religion, family, sexuality, hate, acceptance and ignorance, writers Rodger Washington and Robert Howell brought forth awareness and insight with this unforgettable story of a family that is guided by faith but stricken by fear. In the end, it was God's unconditional love that led them to triumph. 

The actors amazingly brought each and every character to life. Outstanding actress/singer, Theresa Ford, played the fierce matriarch, Mrs. Sophia Johnson, who held the family and community together through all the trials and tribulations. Gill Nelson played Mr. Thomas Johnson, the dedicated yet stubborn father and Jerrel De'Angelio O'Neal played the lead as Thomas Johnson, Sr. I will not go too much further into detail but he was absolutely heaven sent. ( You have to see the play)

Supporting roles were played by Mr. Leland White who played "Uncle Tony", Angelle Robertson (Shelly) who played the annoying little sister, Michael Cox (Darryl)  as the sexy basketball star, Richard John Reliford as Pastor Marvin, Saudia Mills (Trina) as the show stopping diva, Bryant Norman as her deceiving beau and Ron English as the deacon. The laughs were nonstop whenever actors Steven Norflete (Nosey Shawn), Byron Marc Newsome and actress Ophelia Harper( Sister Carla) hit the stage.

This empowering evening was hosted by illustrious actor Doug Spearman who emphasized just how essential the messages, awareness and discussions are within our village. 

Casting was delivered by one of the industry's best and finest Jeannine Fisher of Jeannine Fisher Casting

So influentially stated by Director/Producer Spencer Collins, " I believe that through stories, we can change , educate, inspire and HEAL our community. It is important to me that Robert's & Rodger's story be told, but it is also how much we hurt each other with preconceived notions, judgments and stigmas attached to the disease. It's time we BREAK the silence by having a conversation." 


  1. THANKS for the write-up! Doug Spearman IS awsome isn't HE?

  2. You are very welcome!!! Doug Spearman is beyond AWESOME!!!


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