A Promise, Mi Amiga

A Promise, Mi Amiga
Dedicated to Eugenia Wright-Hall

Eugenia Wright-Hall Jan. 7, 1952- March 31, 2011

You touched so many lives
With your delicate hands
You uplifted the world
with your strategic plans
You were always there
No matter what was needed
You shared your talents and made sure
everyone succeeded
You shined your light
ever so bright
No one could take their eyes off of you
You were such a beautiful sight
You inspired and motivated
You molded and created
You lived, breathed and displayed
excellence remarkably
You, mi Amiga, are truly extraordinary
You set the bar
And now we must climb
You are now really a shining star
We can look up and still see you shine
Thank you for being you.
Thank you for all that you have and continue to do.
Gone too soon but never forgotten....EVER!
You made us better.
Because you believed
We will continue to achieve
We know you are watching
Over us
Our cups runneth over with
The love you've given us
to give to others
To strive to be an example of what you
Bestowed and showed us
We promise to fulfill
The wishes that you placed in our hearts
Until we meet again
Mi Amiga

©2011 Betrice Coleman-Sweet


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