BEING EXCELLENT: Kim Anthony launches Urban Excellence Magazine

Illustrious Speaker, Trainer, Author, Community Leader and Success Coach, Kim Anthony affirms excellence for herself, the community and the world in launching Urban Excellence Magazine.
Phenomenal Woman, Kim Anthony

 The mission of Urban Excellence Magazine is to become the foremost trusted source for personal growth and development resources for your ENTIRE career, health and wellness, spirituality, family, financial..being abundant in every area is key to your total success with extraordinary support. Urban Excellence Magazine is a a powerful online movement started by a powerful leader similarly to some of the leaders featured on the site, such as Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Cathy Hughes, Nikki Myers and more. 
Urban Excellence offers you a vast amount of information and tools such as leadership trainings, business profiles and networking, workshops and lots...lots more.
Be in excellence with your life by the way of Urban Excellence Magazine.


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