Get Producer's Credit by Simply Doing Good

A letter from World renowned writer, director, producer, Joy Shannon of Girl Nite Theater... Check out the live entertainment in the video below the letter :
Dear friends,

As you know, I'm doing a low-budget film about helping troubled female youth. It's called "3rd Generation Female Gangsta'". It's a feature length crime drama. I recently shot it and now I'm trying to raise money to finish the editing. For those who make a donation of $20 they get Producer's credit as a "Producer of Finishing Funds" and once the film is finished they will get a free download.

Attached is my donation video request from YouTube and it has sample scenes of the film. If you can make a donation that would be great! If you can forward this WIDELY that would be very helpful also.
Please help Black women filmmakers.

Thank you very, very much!




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