Please Keep Henry Sandoval in your thoughts and prayers

*From Youth Justice Coalition*

Last night at approximately 6pm, Henry Sandoval - a long-time youth leader and organizer with the Youth Justice Coalition and graduate of FREE L.A. High School - was shot across the street from Chuco's.  The bullet struck him in the side of his chest just below his left armpit as he was driving.

He was not the intended target - every one who knows Henry also knows that he lives, breathes and spreads unity, integrity and peace.  But as many have said, in L.A. bullets have no names. It's 2 am, and he just came out of surgery.  The surgeons reported that the bullet hit his heart and lung but did not do permanent damage.  The bullet has been removed and he is in stable condition.

As he was lying on the floor at Chuco's waiting for the paramedics, he asked that everyone pray for him.  Please, whoever you look to for strength and guidance - God, Allah, Jah, the ancestors, the stars, the universe - send up a special request for Henry. 

Thank you.  

We Love You, Henry!


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