One Village Leadership Academy

Life Coach Kevin Simmons is thrilled to announce the launch of his professional Life Coaching Business and
Transformational Trainings:
  One Village Leadership Academy

 "Love is really all there is, Everything else, is an illusion"
As a Professional Life Coach and Transformational Trainer my mission is to support my clients uncover what's holding them back from living the life of their dreams; to have the courage to declare what they truly want; and to follow their heart in all domains of their life.
Although I coach a variety of individuals, I have specialized in working with successful, professional people, that are too busy to be a priority in their own life.  And what makes me a specialist?  I am a specialist because I recognize, that the God in me, is the same God in you!
Here are a few challenges commonly experienced by professionals who feel they have no time for themselves. 
They . . .
·        Are overcommitted
·        Lack an intimate relationship with loved ones
·        Procrastinate having fun and rest
·        Are workaholics
·        Unconsciously hold lots of resentment and frustration
·        Are the Wonder Woman or Super Man of their world
·        Feel that if it is going to be done and done right; it has to be done by me
·        Run from the past, work arduously for the future, yet don’t acknowledge the present

And all they simply want is . . .
·         Authentic connection to loved ones
·         Self-love and self-acknowledgment
·         To be happy, at peace, and in balance
·         To experience abundance and fulfillment
·         To be the best person, partner, and parent possible
·         To give and receive unconditional love and joy
·         To feel a higher self awareness
·         Play at what they do and get paid for it

I provide a complimentary 60-minute Coaching Consultation by phone to individuals who want to learn more about how coaching can support them create a life worth living.  I encourage YOU to call for your Complimentary Consultation and share this with your friends and loved ones.  Be assured that I will only be an invitation to coaching as I know that coaching is only effective if the client is ready and willing to look within and be Honest. 
My intent is to acquire no more than 10 clients at one time to ensure I fully meet each client’s needs.  As of the date of this email, I have five spots available.   I am looking forward to hearing from you, your loved ones, and friends. 
Thank you in advance for your support, and please let me know if there is any way I can be of service to you!
Sincerely yours,
Kevin Simmons
Life Coach and Transformational Trainer
310 254-7231


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