Los Angeles OIC and Russell Simmons' RushCard Needs our support to bring computers to 300 Families

From Chris Bridges, Executive Director of OIC

Los Angeles OIC has partnered with Russell Simmons and the RUSHCARD Prepaid Visa organization. Our “Computers For Families” program provides computers and internet access for the underserved, disadvantaged, veterans and low-income families who may be receiving some form of government assistance. This Technology Bridge is created to assist our neighbors in preparing and finding employment as well as assisting students to achieve higher educational levels. We need your community investment today to support this effort.

As such, the RUSHCARD Prepaid Visa can provide debit cards for many that are denied banking privileges. Internet access requires debit/credit cards or a checking account for service.

RUSHCARD Prepaid Visa is providing a platform for fundraising and a challenge that will allow a non-profit to win/match up to $50,000 over the next thirty days. The RUSHCARD “Rise To Thrive Charity Challenge” begins today and ends October 22nd. 

This grassroots fundraising effort is created to provide a computer for 300 students, veterans or families/households along with monthly internet access. For as little as $10.00 you would pay for one month of High-Speed internet service and $150 for a refurbished computer. (See attached flyer.)

Help us double your contribution. Visit our “Rise To Thrive” website and be among the first to make an investment into our future.


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