All Day Fun: Ceanothus LA This Sunday October 13

Ceanothus LA" will be Sunday October 13th from 9-3pm and it will be a full day of workshops and festivities, including an open megaphone and a procession around the park!

* Participants include: Tongva and Alaska Tlingit Storytellers, Southern California Native Birdsingers, Tiat Society, Traditional Japanese Flute & Drum, Tinkus Bolivia Ensemble, Mexika Danzantes, Brazilian Drums/Dance Ensemble, Ovarian Psychos/Cycles
Workshops/activities will include: Southern California Native Basket Weavers, Tongva Cordage making, Essential Oils & native plants workshops, Tongva beadworking, mask-making, puppet-making, yoga, and more!
Did I mention there will have a mud pit for the young at heart with solar showers?!?

This is an all ages, ZERO WASTE event so bring your kiddos, a picnic blanket, some snacks, and don't forget your water bottle!

If you would like to volunteer the day before with set-up, or day of during the event and breaking it down, we would love the extra help!



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