Inaugural Forum for Art and Peace Children of Refugees

The Inaugural Forum for Art and Peace Children of Refugees is this Sunday 12/8 at
Khmer Arts Academy, 1364 Obispo Ave., Long Beach, California 90804 from 1:00-630 pm.
We have taken away the fee and made it "pay as you wish" 

100% donations collected for Inaugural Forum for Art and Peace will benefit the International Rescue Committee, dedicated to aiding displaced populations from the Syrian Crisis and other global conflicts. Children of Refugees seeks to foster dialogue and collaboration among diverse minds and talents, creating positive, tangible effects locally and throughout our world. This event, imagined by artist and activist Prumsodun Ok, brings together dozens of creators, scholars, and leaders to expound on the refugee experience through performances and conversations. Join us for a day of live performances, discussions and networking opportunities. Attendees are asked to give within their means, and bring open hearts and clear minds to share in dialogue.

About the Artists and Presenters
All speakers and performers featured in the Inaugural Forum for Art and Peace have agreed to perform at no cost.
Toni Shapiro-Phim, Director of Programs at the Philadelphia Folklore Project
Teru Kuwayama, TED Fellow and Photojournalist, Founder of the Battlespace project
Quetzal, GRAMMY Award-winning social-political music group (Martha Gonzalez, Quetzal Flore, Tylana Enomoto, Juan Perez, and Alberto Lopez)
Yannis Adoniou, Goldie Award-winning choreographer, Founding Artistic Director of KUNST-STOFF dance company
Naazneen Diwan, Creative Writer, KalaShakti workshop facilitator, and PhD candidate at UCLA
Faisal Attrache, emerging Syrian-American filmmaker
Anna B. Scott, Artistic Director of VISCERA Performance Instigation Troupe, Afrofuturist
Leilani Chan, award-winning Founding Artistic Director of TeAda Productions, Department of Cultural Affairs Artist-in-Residence
Eriko Azuma, Founder of RedSoil production company, multidisciplinary storyteller from Tokyo
Rafa Esparza, Los Angeles-based performance artist inspired by personal narratives and kinship
Khmer Arts Academy, Cambodian classical dance organization serving the greater Long Beach area

Children of Refugees’ Inaugural Forum For Art and Peace, is made possible through the generous support of the A/P/A Institute at NYU, UCLA Asian American Studies Department, UCLA Asian American Studies Center, Sophy's Thai and Cambodian Cuisine, and individual donors.
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