Maria Cozette brings "The Light of Day" to Yahoo

You know the saying " face of an angel and voice of a goddess" and when it comes to Maria Cozette, that saying fits her perfectly. Maria is a singer, songwriter, producer, TV personality and she is a "do-gooder" who gives back effortlessly to her community. She has broken records and set high standards for up and coming Armenian artists. Her 3rd album entitled "Light of Day" is set to be released this Thursday, June 26, 2014 with an exclusively private release party that night.

I had an amazing opportunity to interview her and get some insight on this Soulful Pop singer and Music Box TV Host for Yahoo.
Maria opens up and shares about success and being a fierce game changer.

Check out her videos for her first two releases from her new album:
Roses in '99

 "I LoveYou"


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