The Real Tooth Fairies Inspire Kids To Change the World - One Kindness At a Time

The Real Tooth Fairies proudly announced that their 'Every Kindness Counts' program at the Tooth Fairy online world has surpassed 6 million kindness events, thanks to millions of kids ages 5-10 from 200 countries. The free enrichment program is found at
"Kids really embrace the mission of being heroes for kindness through our 'Every Kindness Counts' program. Kids realize first hand that they can make an important difference in their family and school," says Marilyn Bollinger, CEO at The Real Tooth Fairies. "Kids choose from 100 kind acts and then record each kindness as it is completed, with their Tooth Fairy encouraging them all the way. Through real behavior change, kids develop their character and discover that every kindness counts."

The Real Tooth Fairies "Every Kindness Counts" program includes acts of kindness to do at home, at school and even in their neighborhood. Kids do kind acts by asking someone new to play or join them at lunch, they help carry out the trash, or help parents with dinner. They might even hide a loving note in the fridge for their parent to find as a surprise. With every act of kindness completed, a child gets a free virtual Kindness Ribbon or Kindness Charm to view online.
This interactive character-building activity is one of 40 different activities kids embrace in the Tooth Fairy world. The Real Tooth Fairies online world focuses on celebrating every child with positive inspiring activities, such as the 20 Lost Tooth Virtues, Make Your Dream Tree, and several more games and attractions.  The online world, where kids get matched to their Real Tooth Fairy, offers families numerous opportunities to make the total tooth fairy experience extra special. Families can start the magic at

With the free child registration, a child can progress through eight Kindness Levels and receive virtual Kindness Ribbons and Kindness rewards as they progress. To move up a level, the child simply finishes any 6 Kind acts.  Kids also enjoy creating their own customized Kindness tickets to do.

"What parents appreciate," says Marilyn Bollinger, "is that a digital activity becomes a warm and engaging parent-child interaction as the child does each kind act in the family. Moms and dads tell us about special memories that are coming from the kind acts kids do as they participate in the Every Kindness Counts program."  Discover The Real Tooth Fairies together with your child at
SOURCE Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC/PR Newswire


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