Twitter Sings for YoYo's Unsung

Last night the world was able to witness the story behind the revolutionary Hip Hop Legend, Actress and Philanthropist Yolanda  " YoYo" Whitaker on TV One's acclaimed show "Unsung." Ice Cube, Big Boy, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, MC Lyte, Sir Jinx and Yahoo Music Editor Billy Johnson, Jr. were just a few names of the dignitaries who shared their stories about the icon. 

There was a private red carpet screening premier at House of Macau in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Sept 15th. YoYo expressed her gratitude later that night on twitter stating "Okay...We watched, we enjoyed, we cried..I am more inspired. Thank you IceCube and Unsung."

Twitter was singing after the show aired last night. What are your thoughts about YoYo's Unsung?
Check out some of the awesome tweets below.


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