#Justiceorelse: Million Man March Strengthens 20 Years Later

Today was indeed a momentous day with millions of hearts uniting together. It marked the 20th Anniversary of the iconic Million Man March which took place again at the National Mall in the nation's capital. Men, women and children participated in this historic day of change. Minister Louis Farrakhan was again a powerful speaker and leader today as he was in 1995. People far and near were able to live stream on the official website JusticeorElse which was the resounding theme for today's march as well as the hashtag #JusticeorElse became the the #1 trending topic all over the internet.  Many people were voicing their disappointment with the lack of media coverage on a day of non-violent unity instead of the crime, violence and injustice that is displayed daily.

Photo Credit: CrossroadNews
 Many of the topics of discussion 20 years ago were reinforced and emphasized on a greater scale today. Social justice reform, eradicating institutional racism and equality for all were just some of the highlights discussed from Minister Farrakhan and the rest of the speakers including Washington DC's Mayor Muriel Browser.

Some of the celebrities who were front and center today were Russell Simmons, J.Cole, Dave Chapelle, Snoop Dogg, Chuck D,  P.Diddy, Yandy and Mendeecees Harris, Young Jeezy and Ty Dolla Sign just to name a few.  TV One News One Correspondent and Activist Roland Martin was in attendance.

One pivotal message delivered by Minister Farrakhan today is that we must "love one another." Indeed love was all in the air today. Let's keep it up so that 20 years from now the messages will be different and love is the only topic of discussion.


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