Community Planning Program at LA Trade Tech Winter and Spring 2016 courses


Classes in Community Transformation

Nonprofits rank as the 4th largest industry in California by employment, producing more jobs than construction, finance or real estate industries combined.  Prepare for careers in community change and transformation by enrolling in classes offered at LA Trade Tech this winter and Spring Term.

Courses are geared toward working professionals who may want to deepen their understanding of the community, to professionals who are interested in transitioning to a different kind of work or grassroots leaders who are interested in deepening their impact.  All courses are offered in the evenings and are oriented to build networks amongst students.

For more information about the program, please click on the flyer attached or go to our website Space is limited so enroll today!

The Community Planning curriculum and courses are relevant, industry appropriate and cutting-edge. Industry experts (academic and practitioners) develop, design and teach our courses.
  • Our industry partnerships provide critical resources for our students, providing them with invaluable employment, volunteer, internship and networking opportunities.
  • Our courses are structured to be laboratories (classroom and field work) that combine lecture, project driven learning and hands-on application of knowledge to contemporary issues affecting communities.
  • Community planning courses are taught during the evening/weekends on campus and in the community to provide students with the greatest range of educational opportunities.

Upon completion of the Certificate program, students are able to:
  1. Examine and understand problems facing communities related to the community and economic development field.
  2. Engage stakeholders to develop sustainable and comprehensive solutions that lead to positive changes in policy, systems integration and program implementation. 

Successful students will be able to apply a community organizing set of skills and tools that can address multiple community and economic development issues. Students who complete the program become viable and competitive for employment opportunities because they will have developed their knowledge and skill base, practiced their learning through fieldwork, internships or paid experience and have created networks and/or participated in collaborations that have maximized their knowledge with capacity to understand urgent issues and trends.

Please contact us if you have questions: Vanessa Vela Lovelace (213) 763-2520 x 248


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